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Municipal government issues in other Northwest Communities

A reference guide as to some of the governance issues in other communities of the Northwest.


November 5-- With little money to spend, Prince Rupert fares well in CFIB municipal survey NCR
November 5-- Nisg'a make history through fee-simple title

October 25-- Port Edward preparing for international travel
October 16-- Port Edward Councillor wants pit bulls banned
October 16-- Port Edward pursuing temporary zoning permits
October 15-- Industry partners with municipality to study train noise in Port Edward
October 13-- Pacific Northwest LNG, PTI Group sign lease for use of former Port Edward school
October 4-- North Pacific Cannery pushing to be named UNESCO World Heritage Site
October 2-- Prince Rupert students help restore North Pacific Cannery

September 30-- Ketchikan Local Elections preview
September 30-- Voice your opinion on the 2014 budget
September 21-- Terrace is losing economic development officer 
September 20-- Deceased northwest municipal councillor remembered by Premier Christy Clark
September 18-- Federal Government to deliver 3.7 million dollars for Metlakatla wastewater project NCR
September 18-- Former employee sues City of Terrace
September 10-- UBCM to Discuss Report on Financing Local Infrastructure

August 21-- Coast Tsimshian adding land
August 21-- Badly needed Reno's Approved for Prince Rupert Airport
August 21-- Prince Rupert city council looks to regulate long boarding
August 21-- Coast Tsimshian adding land
August 20-- Prince Rupert Airport to borrow $7 million for renovations and repairs
August 8-- Paper work counts!  NCR
August 5-- Rail Safety on the mind of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities  NCR
August 2-- Quarterly report released of Kitimat councillor cost, expenses (N Connector e edition pg A5)
August 2-- Kitimat Councillors get their answers on golf club payment... (N Connector e edition pg A5)
August 2-- Strata plan in the works for Kitimat (N Connector e edition pg A2)
August 2-- Stop littering on Ferry Island: City of Terrace (N Connector e edition pg A20)
August 1-- Nisga'a Kitsault suit (video)
August 1-- Nisga'a Begin Legal Proceedings Over Kitsault Mine Certificate

July 31-- Terrace issues water sprinkling restrictions
July 31-- Terrace committee aims to reduce domestic violence
July 31-- Dowland Bankruptcy a huge blow to local business
July 31-- Give Me Shelter
July 30-- NDIT Donates $250,000 to Smithers Second Sheet of Ice Project
July 30-- NDIT Smithers Arena (video)
July 30-- Terrace Mayor calls for transportation task force
July 29-- Bella Bella  Books (video)
July 29-- Kitimat sends massive book donation to Bella Bella
July 29-- Cougar sightings not unusual
July 27-- New "No Littering" signs at Ferry Island
July 26-- Gitga'at Cleanup reaction (video)
July 25-- Frank Street Crossing now open
July 25-- Frank Street Crossing Open (video)
July 25-- Terrace's Frank Street Rail Crossing Open to Motorists Again
July 25-- Smithers Town Council Hears Presentation by Enbridge Reps
July 25-- Smithers Enbridge Council (video)
July 24-- Smithers Council Ponders Implementing Curbside Recylcing Program
July 24-- Kitimat ocean program set for oil tankers
July 24-- Smithers Delay Recycling (video)
July 23-- Frank Street Rail Crossing to reopen (video)
July 23-- Terrace Council Approves Rezoning, Despite Neighbours' Objections
July 23-- Being a councillor: "Labour of Love"
July 23-- Controversial rezone granted to Sparks Street landowner
July 22-- Smithers Homecoming Committee Urge Attendees to Register
July 22-- Village of Granisle Issues Boil Water Notice
July 22-- Granisle Boil Water (video)
July 22-- Frank Street CN crossing to be Reopened, Signal Lights to be installed on Highway 16
July 22-- Smithers Homecoming (video)
July 19-- Village of Burns Lake Receives Anti-Enbridge backlash on Social Media
July 19-- Burns Lake responds (video)
July 19-- Burns Lake Enbridge Sign (video)
July 18-- More support for creek name change
July 18-- Kitimat Food Share (video)
July 17-- Huge recycling shift coming to Terrace
July 16-- Development activity to pick up in Terrace
July 15-- Erb paves way for new overpass

June 27-- Smithers Residents weigh in on Potential Third Avenue Bike Lanes
June 27-- Smithers Bike Lanes (video)
June 25-- Smithers Town Council Votes Unanimously To Sign Second Arena Contract
June 25-- Terrace Businesses cite need for overpass
June 25-- Terrace Council goes to the Dogs
June 22-- More housing needed in Terrace
June 21-- Cheslatta Carrier Nation Want Purchasing Rights to Chelsatta Lake
June 19-- City of Terrace asked to re-open closed rail crossing
June 19-- Frank St. dispute has a history
June 19-- Terrace looks for a second overpass
June 17-- Little Avenue demolitions trudge forward
June 17-- Waste plan will cost taxpayers
June 14-- Terrace loses bike competition to Smithers
June 13-- Kitselas First Nation elects new chief councillor
June 13-- Telkwa Not Behind Smithers' Bid for Funds from Wetzin'kwa Community Forest
June 12-- Smithers Council Rejects Developer's Request for Decreased Security Deposit
June 11-- Fence maker within inches of getting zoning bylaw amended
June 9-- Fire and flood risk low in Terrace
June 7-- Council won't trade carbon offsets
June 6-- Council hears Jephson's report on 2010 Kalamazoo oil spill
June 5-- Terrace Recycling program not likely 

May 29-- Prince Rupert expansion plans meet opposition
May 28-- Terrace City Council promotes bike-to-work week
May 27-- Will Ocean dumping continue despite firing? (audio)
May 15-- Port Ed adding industrial land (N View E edition pg 8)
May 15-- Port Ed talks budget (N View E edition pg 8)
May 14-- Storm brewing over housing development in Terrace
May 9-- Terrace council shelves living wage proposal
May 8-- Lax Kw'alaams and Britco sign partnership deal NCR

April 24-- Metlakatla Chief, Lax Kw'alaams Mayor outline goals for their communities
April 20-- Terrace city council closes in on tax bylaw
April 16-- Kitimat Escort Service causing concerns
April 16-- Escort Kitimat (video)
April 16-- Farmers Rio Tinto protest (video)
April 16-- Terrace Farmers Protest RTA's Planned SO2 Emissions
April 16-- Kitimat Proceeds with Escort Bylaw
April 11-- Kitsumkalum AIP vote (video)
April 11-- Kitsumkalum First Nation Approves AIP 
April 5-- No tax increase in Port for the third year in a row
April 4-- Telkwa Volunteer Fire Department Will Host Hazardous Material Course
April 4-- Hazelton Bio Mass (video)
April 4-- Buildings in Old Hazelton Could soon be heated with Bio Mass
April 3-- Kitimat Council on Pets (video)
April 3-- Smithers Centennial Planning (video)
April 2-- $300,000 dock repair project complete at Lax Kw'alaams NCR
April 1-- Port Ed Land Sale (video)
April 1-- Port Edward sells 40 Acres of Land

March 27-- Nisga'a Citizens from Terrace Protest Funding Loss
March 27-- Nisga'a Protest (video)
March 27-- Protestors Shut Down Burns Lake Band Office
March 27-- Terrace City Council Plans for Future of Recycling
March 26-- Burns Lake Band Office blockade (video)
March 26-- No solution found to Terrace losing recycling service
March 20-- Major changes coming for buzzing Port Edward (N View e edition Pg 11)

March 20-- Victoria issues environmental certificate for Kitsault mine
March 19-- Province Approves Kitsault Mine
March 19-- Kitsault Mine Approval (video)
March 19-- B. C. gives green light to mine despite Nisga'a objections

March 18-- First Nation treaty vote demand likely won't happen
March 15-- Company confident of northwestern B. C. mine plan
March 18-- First Nation treaty vote demand likely won't happen
March 18-- Union of BC Indian Chiefs Hopes Friday Protest March in Terrace brings change
March 15-- Protestors call for end to police brutality
March 15-- March against police brutality today
March 15-- Police protest (video)
March 15-- Company confident of northwestern B. C. mine plan
March 14-- Tahltan to receive resource revenues
March 14-- Tahltan Revenue Sharing (video)
March 14-- Nisga'a want northwest B. C. mine approval halted
March 13-- Port Edward hiring consultation to study noise from trains
March 13-- Thornhill cellphone tower decision delayed
March 12-- Terrace council holds off on 'living wage' debate
March 11-- Terrace council to adopt 'living wage' policy

February 18-- Terrace OK's development permits
February 18-- Terrace Wood land lease (video)
February 16-- Terrace Council urged to lower business taxes
February 14-- City of Terrace inks deal with Chinese wood processing company
February 13-- Terrace Chamber Taxes (video)
February 13-- Terrace Chamber Recommends Task Force to Look into Fair Tax...
February 13-- Smithers Water sharing (video)
February 13-- Smithers Public Washrooms (video)
February 12-- Smithers Tax Levy (video)
February 8-- Kitimat Landslide Study (video)
February 7-- PTI Workforce Housing (video)
February 7-- Texas Company Proposing Worker Camps in Residential Kitimat Area 


December 17-- Demolition orders in Terrace contested
December 12-- Terrace Council Pooling money
December 9-- Terrace City Council joins call for shuttle bus
December 6-- Food bank numbers drop for two consecutive months
December 5-- Terrace Council eyes yet another tax increase
December 4-- Burns Lake Anxiously Awaits Decision on Sawmill Future
December 3-- Smithers Forest Minister (video)
December 3-- Little Avenue owner says he'll fight on
December 2-- Politicians back Shames plan
November 30-- Co-op Brewery for Terrace (video)
November 30-- Hotel, museum recommended for old Co-op property
November 29-- Little Avenue Properties (video)
November 29-- Dilapidated Properties in Terrace Slated for Demolition
November 29-- City orders derelict buildings torn down
November 27-- Terrace council turns down bid for more slot machines
November 23-- Meeting speakers favour slots
November 22-- Public called to slot machine meeting
November 22-- City of Terrace plans two major road projects for 2013
November 21-- Library wants more money from City of Terrace
November 21-- Moricetown Justice Feast (video)
November 21-- Kitimat Quake Preps (video)
November 20-- Sale marks climb in subsidized housing in Terrace
November 15-- Terrace Landfill debate (video)
November 15-- Smithers Arena Support (video)
November 15-- Smithers Funding Announcement (video)
November 13-- Skeena Industrial lands (video)
November 9-- Terrace City Budget (video)
November 9-- Terrace City Staff Showcase 2013 Draft Budget
November 9-- Terrace city council plans tax revenue hike
November 8--  Kitimat Social Media Quake (video)
November 7-- Smithers Public Budget meeting
November 7-- Smithers Budget meeting (video)
November 7-- Kitimat councillor Questions Transmission Line Updates
November 7-- New Telus Tower Planned for Kitimat
November 7-- Queen Charlotte council adopts trailer policy
November 6-- Telus Kitimat Tower (video)
November 5-- Burns Lake Arena Referendum Results are in
October 30-- Fire Chiefs Tell Residents to be Earthquake ready

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