Thursday, September 13, 2012

CN expands capacity at Prince George Locomotive shops

The increasing volume of rail traffic to and from the Port of Prince Rupert, is proving an economic benefit to many communities along the Highway 16 corridor, none more than Prince George which clearly has become the railroads main marshalling, transportation and repair hub for Northern BC.

The latest investment into Prince George by Canadian National is a 12 million dollar expansion of its Locomotive Reliability Centre. A facility which services locomotives that transit the CN corridor from Alberta to the Pacific Ocean at Prince Rupert.

The expansion plans will see floor space at the Prince George facility increase by nearly 50 per cent, expanding the site to 50,000 square feet and allowing for the addition of four more repair bays with pits.

It offers up the prospect of more spin off business for Prince George and region businesses and of course the prospect of increased employment for workers in that area.

The investment in Prince George comes after an ambitious 4 million dollar expansion into key sidings north of the city to increase the flow of coal from northeastern coal fields, the majority of which makes its way to the Ridley Terminals Coal shipment Terminal in Prince Rupert.

CN has also been spending money to create and or expand longer sidings along the entire Prince Rupert to Edmonton rail corridor.

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