Saturday, September 1, 2012

Communication on the North Coast

A quick reference guide to items of note on communications on the North Coast.


December 18-- CityWest announces closure of Kitimat storefront office  NCR
December 13-- CityWest to transition out of the cellular business NCR
December 13-- CityWest partners with Telus giving Prince Rupert Customers more Bang for their buck
December 13-- Telus-CityWest Join (video)
December 13-- CityWest partnering with Telus an getting out of cellular business
December 3-- CityWest downsizes... the size of its telephone directories  NCR

October 23-- CityWest awaiting word on channel bundling (N View pg A9)
October 18-- Telus expands coverage between Prince Rupert and Terrace
October 18-- Telus beefs up northwestern BC Cell service

August 16-- GwaiiTel seeks money to complete key project

July 19-- CityWest seeks photo submissions for phone book cover  NCR

June 27-- CityWest offers up a rumour rebuttal at City Council session  NCR
June 26-- CityWest  CEO addresses rumours surrounding Prince Rupert operations
June 6-- CityWest explores expansion prospects in Houston   NCR

May 29-- CityWest makes change to Internet support process NCR
May 28-- Northwest cellular service examined by Business in Vancouver magazine NCR
May 8-- CityWest on hot seat (Nor View e edition pg 3)
May 2-- CityWest defends transparency in the face of resident concern
May 1-- City Council hears concerns from public over CityWest NCR
May 1-- City Hosting open house on telecommunication structures in Prince Rupert

April 24-- A CityWest surprise NCR
April 22-- CityWest tells City of Prince Rupert expected $500,000 dividend won't be coming this year
April 15-- CityWest changing office hours in Prince Rupert NCR

March 27-- Telus works to Provide More Cell Service to Northern Highway 16 commuters
March 27-- Prince Rupert Telus Towers (video)
March 27-- CityWest solves Internet blockage (N View e edition pg 9)
March 23-- Telus working toward coverage between Prince Rupert and Prince George
March 20-- Blanket cell service if four years: Telus (N View e edition pg 10)

February 22-- CityWest introduces a familiar face as the new CEO  NCR


December 21-- Anyone seen the CEO? NCR
November 7-- New Telus Tower Planned for Kitimat
November 7-- New Telus Tower for Kitimat (video)
October 25-- CityWest report highlights accomplishments, challenges and opportunities for the future
October 24-- City Council hears annual CityWest presentation NCR
October 21-- Presentation Day at City Council NCR
October 15-- CityWest debuts new web site and promotes cable internet service NCR
September 20-- Yukon power failure knocks CityWest off the grid NCR
April 2-- CityWest dispute delayed? NCR


June 30-- Bill Craig to head up CityWest Cable and Television
June 28-- New CityWest CEO outlines his vision to Prince Rupert City Council
June 27-- CityWest CEO is getting down to business
April 13-- CityWest Announces new CEO
April 11-- New CEO for CIty West Cable and Telephone

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