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Municipal Government -- Discussion points from Council

Our quick reference and archive of items that come up for discussion at City Council sessions.


The Archive of our City Council meeting reviews and issues for City Council can be found here.

December 16-- Pacific Northwest LNG provides update to Council on latest terminal developments  NCR
December 16-- City holds Community Enhancement Grants to 2013 levels in the year to come  NCR
December 16-- Thanks for the payment, now about that waterfront access  NCR
December 13-- Prince Rupert Council ready to take BC Ferries battle to the Premier  NCR
December 10-- City of Prince Rupert wants to be a part of waterfront access discussions
December 10-- City of Prince Rupert freezes community enhancement grants for 2014 at 2013 level
December 10-- Rupertites submit three roads to BCAA's Worst Roads Survey  NCR
December 4-- Road pitched as bridge backup for Prince Rupert's east side
December 4-- Bridging the logic gap
December 4-- Prince Rupert seeking funds to fight crime
December 4-- Breaking News: Politicians refuse perks
December 4-- Fight to bring Lily home taken to Prince Rupert Council
December 4-- Waterfront walkway proposed by Pinnacle Renewable Resources no longer an option
December 4-- Prince Rupert skateboarders urged to ride safely

November 29-- Exchange of ideas on crime and prevention takes place in Prince George  NCR
November 28-- The Search continues for a new Economic Development Officer NCR
November 28-- 24/7 Recycling Depot Transfer Station put on the back burner until the Spring NCR
November 27-- City Council to look over Schedule of sessions for 2014 NCR
November 27 -- Councillor Carlick-Pearson expresses concern over weekend incidents NCR
November 27 -- Council to seek out funding to tackle crime and social issues surrounding special events NCR
November 27 -- Concerns over Sixth Avenue Bridge have Mayor looking for alternative route NCR

November 22-- Prince Rupert Port Authority makes partial payment of 2.1 million on outstanding property taxes  NCR
November 22-- Prince Rupert to join other Northern BC communities to look at crime at Prince George gathering  NCR
November 22-- Skateboard and longboard clinic set for next Friday  NCR
November 22-- The Port of Prince Rupert Port Authority Pays the City 2.1 Million Property Tax Advance
November 22-- PR Port Taxes (video)
November 22-- Prince Rupert Port Authority pays city $2.1 million
November 20-- Barry Cunningham calls for change at Prince Rupert council
November 20-- City of Prince Rupert pursuing incremental boundary expansion
November 18-- Cunningham elected to Prince Rupert City Council
November 16-- The Sixth Chair of the Council Chamber belongs to... Barry Cunningham NCR
November 16-- And the counting will soon be done  NCR
November 15-- Some Arts, Some Crafts, a little food and maybe even a ballot cast  NCR
November 15-- Councillor seeks meeting with CN over waterfront issues NCR
November 14-- Airport Approval Process is ready for take off  NCR
November 14-- Mr. Horne delivers the city's snow plan for 2013-14  NCR
November 14-- And the walls, may come tumbling down...  NCR
November 14-- And it's all hands on deck for City Staff  NCR
November 14-- $7 million airport improvement loan easily passes alternate approval process
November 14-- $7 million airport improvement loan easily passes alternate approval process
November 14-- YPR Improvement Update (video)
November 14-- Prince Rupert residents give City Green Light for $7 million Loan to Local Airport
November 13-- Prince Rupert Airport Improvements (video)
November 13-- Prince Rupert Stuff Bus (video)
November 13-- Prince Rupert Transit Offers Free Bus Ride for Food Donation
November 13-- Prince Rupert Applies for Grant to Help Fund Airport Improvements
November 12-- Traffic light at McBride and 9th Ave. delayed until December
November 7-- BCGEU has concerns over aspects of Province's liquor review  NCR
November 7-- By-election backdrop  NCR
November 7-- Tsunami Information Session takes place tonight  NCR
November 6-- Prince Rupert growth trumps NIMBY
November 6-- City of Prince Rupert seeking legal clarity on land development
November 6-- Candidates you're on the clock  NCR
November 5-- With little money to spend, Prince Rupert fares well in CFIB municipal survey NCR
November 5-- Provincial Liquor Policy review deadline passes without Prince Rupert Council contribution NCR
November 4-- RCMP deliver quarterly crime statistics report to City Council NCR

October 31-- Westview issue addressed, but Housing concerns are still on Councillor Thorkelson's to do list NCR
October 31-- The City makes Ms. Bomben's appointment official NCR
October 30-- Date set for Prince Rupert all-candidates forum
October 30-- City of Prince Rupert told to leave Westview Park alone
October 30-- Prince Rupert forum aims to prepare people for a major tsunami
October 29-- By-election advance polling opportunities start next week  NCR
October 28-- Prince Rupert City Council stops plans for development at Westview Park
October 28-- Mr. Mussallem's travelogue  NCR
October 25-- City posts travel guidelines to website, but not details on travel spending  NCR
October 25-- A little direction required from City Hall on Airport Authorization process  NCR
October 24-- Turnout Low at Public Forum on Prince Rupert Airport Loan Proposal
October 24-- Open house shows dire state of Prince Rupert airport as city considers $7 million loan
October 23-- Airport Loan Authorization Bylaw next up on the city's consultation list   NCR
October 23-- City of Prince Rupert holding information session on $7 million airport loan
October 23-- Prince Rupert's Economic Officer to shift to new challenges in private sector  NCR
October 23-- Prince Rupert and Port Edward economic development officer stepping down
October 21-- Public Forum on Tsunami Education planned for November  NCR
October 18-- Prince Rupert Council heads into "consultation season"  NCR
October 18-- Councillor seeks more transparency on travel issues NCR
October 18-- From one Island to another, Mayor Mussallem's LNG primer NCR
October 16-- Council may have to wait for the Canpotex reply NCR
October 16-- Can you spare $11,000 for the City of Prince Rupert?
October 16-- Prince Rupert Council must be open to exceptions
October 15-- Administration team back up to full staffing at City Hall  NCR
October 12-- Six candidates file their papers in the quest for Councillor Rice's seat NCR
October 12-- Six vying for council seat in Prince Rupert by-election
October 12-- Prince Rupert needing almost $150 million for infrastructure projects in the coming years
October 11-- City makes its case on infrastructure concerns to Standing Finance Committee NCR
October 10-- Provincial Government Committee on Finance and Government Services hold Prince Rupert session  NCR
October 10-- Rupertites are on the clock in Alternate Approval Process concerns  NCR
October 10-- Only two candidates so far as deadline nears for Prince Rupert byelection
October 9-- Get involved in your city
October 9-- Prince Rupert City Council defends UBCM attendance
October 9-- Prince Rupert family told their dog has to go
October 5-- More Provnicial Cabinet Ministers take tour of Northwest NCR
October 4-- Council defends UBCM expenses (Nor Conn e edition pg A4 )
October 4-- Council split on airport loan authorization process NCR
October 4-- Emotions run high at City Council session NCR
October 3-- Homeowners bring Atlin Ave. development concerns to Prince Rupert council
October 2-- Why Westview?
October 2-- Watson Island update (video)
October 2-- City of Prince Rupert's Development plans come under fire
October 2-- Prince Rupert begins Removal of Equipment on Watson Island
October 1-- Prince Rupert Airport Loan (video)
October 1-- Prince Rupert Museum (video)
October 1-- Westview Park use (video)
October 1-- City of Prince Rupert gives museum tax exemption, but cuts grant for 2014
October 1-- Prince Rupert moves forward with Alternate Approval Process for $7 Million Airport Loan
October 1-- Alternate approval process for $7 million airport loan 'anti-democratic, say councillors

September 29-- Recent truck incidents have City Council seeking meeting with RCMP and trucking industry NCR
September 28-- Council seeks more consultation and conversation with provincial cabinet officials  NCR
September 27-- Two on senior City Staff pass their auditions NCR
September 25-- The good, the bad and the ugly
September 25-- Warnings useless if nobody hears it
September 21-- At final day of UBCM, Premier hails LNG future, Province to provide grants to Northwest communities NCR
September 17-- UBCM Talking Points 2013 NCR
September 17-- A week to mingle at UBCM NCR
September 12-- Prince Rupert pushes By-election to November
September 12-- Prince Rupert by-election set for November
September 12-- Rupert Byelection (video)
September 11-- Prince Rupert calls Canpotex Back to Discuss a Future Potash Export Terminal
September 11-- Wake up, long boarders
September 10-- UBCM to Discuss Report on Financing Local Infrastructure
September 10-- City of Prince Rupert looking for answers from Canpotex
September 10-- Prince Rupert council revises dog park hours
September 6-- Prince Rupert City Staff Consider Reassessing Doug Kerr Field Access  Hours
September 4-- City of Prince Rupert barking up the wrong tree
September 4-- Dog park hours leave Prince Rupert owners seeking answers
September 3-- Courtroom war over former pulpmill site settled
September 3-- Prince Rupert, Sun Wave Settle Out of Court

August 30-- City of Prince Rupert and Sun Wave Forest Products reach out-of-court settlement
August 30-- Cargo truck flips over while turning into downtown Prince Rupert
August 28-- Another black eye for Prince Rupert City Council
August 28-- Prince Rupert examining options to regionalize airport
August 28-- Prince Rupert prepares for Future Temporary Construction Workers
August 27-- Prince Rupert's battle with the longboard
August 27-- Dust complaints in Prince Rupert being misdirected
August 26-- Prince Rupert Works to Make Roads Safer for Back to School Commuters
August 24-- Province announces plans to install traffic light at busy intersection
August 21-- Coast Tsimshian adding land
August 21-- Badly needed Reno's Approved for Prince Rupert Airport
August 21-- Prince Rupert city council looks to regulate long boarding
August 21-- Coast Tsimshian adding land
August 20-- Prince Rupert Airport to borrow $7 million for renovations and repairs

August 21-- City Council puts Airport Regionalization issue further down the schedule  NCR
August 21-- RCMP seek guidance of Council on long board issue  NCR
August 21-- City authorizes agreement with Airport Authority for Airport rehabilitation  NCR
August 19-- Prince Rupert Airport to be discussed at Council Monday Night  NCR
August 19-- Traffic lights on the horizon for 9th and McBride NCR
August 19-- RCMP provides review for City Council on Crime Severity Index Numbers NCR
August 11-- Port Authority contribution increases recycling options for Prince Rupert residents  NCR
August 9-- Vernon may set a new long board standard  NCR
August 8-- Even in tough economic times, Payday is still a good day for the City!  NCR
August 8-- Prince Rupert Council leads the Northwest in remuneration  NCR
August 7-- Time to clean up Watson Island
August 7-- It's a Ministerial road trip...
August 7-- Crime Severity stats on the decline for Prince Rupert  NCR
August 7-- Here is something Rice can read aloud
August 7-- Time to clean up Watson Island
August 1-- A Watson Island what is it...   NCR

July 31-- City seeks submissions from Community Enhancement Grant applicants  NCR
July 30-- Watson Island pipe leaking fuel oil into ocean
July 26-- Mayor to push province for resolution to Sun Wave saga NCR
July 26-- Rupert's take from Community Gaming $425,000 NCR
July 23-- 10 out of 10 for Presentation! NCR
July 24-- Ferry workers labour contract helps city (N View e edition pg A1)
July 24-- Sun Wave to appeal loss (N View e edition pgs 1 & 2)
July 23-- Business owners eligible for financial assistance for facade improvement NCR
July 22-- City of Prince Rupert's going mobile!  NCR
July 19-- Questions over the cost of a neighbourly visit  NCR
July 19-- Vancouver City Council seeks to shift coal shipments to "isolated areas" like Prince Rupert NCR
July 18-- RCMP introduce New Detachment Commander for Prince Rupert  NCR 
July 18-- Rotarian's question City's focus over Welcoming sign NCR
July 17-- City Council: Do as I say, not as I do (N View e edition pg A4)
July 17-- Prince Rupert Skateboarders need a lesson (N View e edition pg A11)
July 17-- Big cost priorities for city (N View e edition pg A14)
July 15-- Decision delivered on Watson Island court case  NCR
July 15-- Large delegation represented Rupert at Ketchikan's 4th of July NCR
July 10-- No target date yet for completion of 9th Avenue reconstruction project  NCR
July 10-- Digby Island Ferry workers and City reach contract agreement  NCR
July 10-- City and Digby Island Ferry workers come to wage deal
July 10 -- Prince Rupert to take environmental assessment concerns to UBCM in September NCR
July 10-- Council to explore housing issues in the fall NCR
July 10--  Council seeks reduced speeds for trucks travelling through downtown core NCR
July 10-- City of Prince Rupert looking into speed limit reduction
July 10-- Skateboarding youth raise concerns for City Council NCR
July 10-- Recreation department conducting service review (N View e edition pg A15)
July 9-- PR Road Safety (video)

June 27-- CityWest offers up a rumour rebuttal at City Council session NCR
June 24-- Rotary Club of Prince Rupert to provide a "Welcome" sign at Park Avenue pullout  NCR
June 24-- Council to review options on By-election question  NCR
June 19-- City of Prince Rupert outlines plans for 2013
June 13-- The City looks for a little help on the big industrial issues NCR
June 13-- Council shaves the work calendar in July NCR 

June 11-- Rice leaves council (video)
June 11-- The Councillor steps aside NCR
June 7-- Province prepares to send in the auditors for municipal issues NCR
June 6-- The Canadian Taxpayers Federation wants a few receipts NCR

May 30-- PR Boundary Expansion (video)
May 30-- Prince Rupert Boundary Expansion Plans in Public Spotlight
May 30-- Much to discuss for the Federation in Vancouver NCR
May 30-- Prince Rupert's new city manager settling into his position
May 29-- TransCanada Presentation (video)
May 29-- First Open House on City's Expansion plans set for tonight NCR
May 28-- PR Facade Funds (video)
May 28-- City of Prince Rupert Property Tax Bills are in the Mail NCR
May 27-- New arrivals and pending departures all part of City Hall theme tonight NCR
May 24-- Mr. Long suggests an Acting CFO NCR
May 22-- More change at City Hall? NCR
May 16-- Welcome Aboard Mr. Long, here's your To Do list NCR
May 16-- Councillor Rice just one of many to make the jump to provincial politics NCR
May 15-- Someone to watch over Watson... NCR
May 15-- Council secrecy strikes Prince Rupert again 
May 15-- Residents frustrated with budget (N View May 15 e edition pg 7)
May 15-- Closed-door talks solve budget debate (N View e edition pgs 1 and 2)
May 14-- City Announces New City Manager NCR
May 14-- New City Manager hired in Prince Rupert
May 13-- And in the end, the City selects Option Four?  NCR
May 9-- And it's over to you Council... NCR
May 8-- CUPE pushes back at prospect of Civic job cuts in Prince Rupert NCR
May 8-- Make your voice heard tonight (N View e edition pg 4)
May 8-- Your money being spent (N View e edition pg 4)
May 7-- City Staff provides Council (and the public) with three options to consider on Budget NCR
May 2-- North Coast Officials in attendance at Local Government conference NCR
May 2-- Council takes its budget quandary to the public for one more session NCR
May 1-- City Council hears concerns from public over CityWest NCR
May 1-- Council needs to take responsibility (N View e edition May 1 pg 4)
May 1--  CityWest will pay out: Mayor (N View e edition May 1 pgs 1 and 2)

April 30--  Prince Rupert Council Chops Ops Budget
April 29-- Prince Rupert City council cuts $462,000 from operations budget
April 28-- Council looks to Port to provide financial assistance amid current fiscal troubles NCR
April 26 -- Search for new Prince Rupert City Manager ongoing
April 25-- A CityWest surprise? NCR
April 25-- Port Edward, regional district seeking more info on Prince Rupert 'land grab'
April 24-- Salmonberry Trading Society seeks market move (video)
April 24--  Council struggling with budget red ink (NView e edition pages 1 and 2)
April 23--  Prince Rupert Facing Budget Crisis After CityWest Fails to Deliver Dividend
April 22-- CityWest tells City of Prince Rupert expected $500,000 dividend won't be coming this year

April 19-- Premier's Northwest swing stresses the potential/promise of LNG NCR

April 17-- Paging Professor Rodin! NCR
April 17-- Council receives options and commentary from public at Budget sessions NCR
April 17-- Councillor Thorkelson's Boots are made for talking! NCR
April 15-- Prince Rupert receives Grant for New Ice Chiller
April 15-- PR arena chiller (video)
April 11-- Service Cuts to Northern BC Ferry routes to be delayed until 2014 NCR
April 10-- Seeking a path of priorities for City Council NCR
April 10-- Mayor Mussallem provides an update at Council on the Watson Island situation NCR
April 10-- Prince Rupert Looks to Tighten the Belt on Municipal Liquor Laws
April 10-- Neighbours keeping quiet over Rupert land grab plans (Northern View e edition pg A3)
April 9-- Prince Rupert City Growth (video)
April 9-- Prince Rupert Writes Enbridge (video)
April 9-- Fish Freezer Storage (video)
April 9-- Prince Rupert Seeks Freezer Space for Commercial Fishers
April 9-- Marine Laboratory (video)
April 9-- Prince Rupert considers a Marine Laboratory

April  9-- Prince Rupert Paves the Way for Economic Growth
April 9-- Prince Rupert Sends Enbridge a Written Lashing
April 4-- Friendship House receives Federal funding for Homeless support programs NCR
April 4-- Does His Worship Have Everyone's Attention Now? NCR
April 4-- Prince Rupert SPCA needs Funds (video)
April 4-- Fraser Street in Prince Rupert closed for Sewer Line Repairs
April 4-- Prince Rupert's SPCA Let Down by the City Once Again
April 4-- Prince Rupert SPCA Begs for Financial help from City
April 3-- Fraser Street closed as City repairs sewer line
April 3-- Prince Rupert City Council considers closing City Hall an extra day to cover deficit
April 3-- Prince Rupert's Mayor Says Pulp Mill Headaches Could Lead City to Bankruptcy
April 2-- Watson Redevelopment and City financial burdens (video)
April 2-- Prince Rupert won't hire new financial officer until city manager is in place

April 2-- And another office opens up at City Hall NCR
April 2-- The Green Party picks up on Councillor Thorkelson's theme NCR
April 1-- Hey, don't we have one of those already? NCR

March 27-- Projects hunting hotel rooms for workers (Northern View e edition pgs 1 & 2)
March 26-- Transportation Ministry Installs One Lane Pull Out by Prince Rupert Ferry Terminals
March 26-- Prince Rupert RV  Pullout (video)
March 26-- Prince Rupert Stretches Budget (video)
March 22-- PR LED lights (video)
March 20-- Prince Rupert sits at 193rd place (out of 200) in Moneysense ratings NCR
March 19-- Special Events Parade Float Planning moves to next phase NCR
March 15-- City Council clicks their heels and hopes for the best  NCR
March 12-- City of Prince Rupert opposes referendum and Moose Tot Park location for emergency service buildings 
March 11-- Many kind words, but little funding for airport access initiatives NCR
March 10-- An Expanding Prince Rupert? NCR
March 10-- Emergency Services Building Review set for Monday Night NCR
March 6-- Prince Rupert's City Council Reviews 2013 Budget
March 3-- Don't pay the Ferryman, until he gets you to the other side  NCR

February 21-- Prince Rupert Mayor provides update on emergency services building
February 20--  Open up the doors, council (Nor View e edition pg 6)
February 20-- Council reverses decision not to fund Snowbirds (Nor View e edition pg 5)
February 20-- Lester Centre and museum seek continued City Funding (Nor View e edition pg 19)
February 20-- BC Ferries to pay $15,780 less in city taxes in 2013 (Nor View e edition pg 20)
February 20-- Taxes, social services, parking discussed (Nor View e edition pg 20)
February 17-- BC Ferries gains 20 percent reduction on Terminal taxation NCR
February 15-- After Further Review at council, double duty for Councillor Rice is allowed NCR
February 15-- Snowbirds discussion in Stealth mode? NCR
February 13-- Rupert Council budget issues (video)
February 13-- City of Prince Rupert tears down derelict building
February 13-- City urging groups to find other funding sources (Northern View e edition page 11)
February 13-- Should she stay, or should she go... NCR
February 12-- A new option for Highway 16 travel NCR
February 8-- They May Fly, with a little help from you and your friends NCR
February 6-- City hoping to get $30,000 grant to help with chiller (Northern View e edition page 10)

January 31-- City Council set to issue a rebuke on the thought of a Ridley Terminals Sale NCR
January 29-- With arrival of new rail signals, the Port of Prince Rupert announces updated whistle procedures at Fairview crossings NCR
January 29-- Mr Howie's Jubilee NCR
January 24-- A bit more attention to City Council's workings for the New Year  NCR
January 23-- City of Prince Rupert turns down funding request for Snowbirds show
January 23-- RCMP address wolf shootings (pages 1 and 2)
January 23-- Tsunami response alarming (page 14)
January 21-- City Council turns an eye towards the Ridley Privatization plan NCR
January 16-- City Confirms new inspector hired for RCMP detachment (page 4)
January 15-- Prince Rupert Wolf Danger (video)
January 15-- Prince Rupert Emergency Response (video)
January 3-- From Prince George, a hopeful step forward in the goal of Accountability and Transparency NCR
January 2-- Mayor reflects on 2012 and looks ahead (page 3)
January 2-- The Mayor Reviews and Previews NCR


December 27-- Wolf interactions on the rise NCR
December 18-- Councillors Thorkelson and Rice with the LNG cross examination NCR
December 17-- City Council kicks the Emergency Services Building debate down the road until March NCR
December 11-- Backyard hockey rink at risk of being shut down in Prince Rupert (audio)
December 4-- Prince Rupert non-profits looking ahead to taxation

November 29-- A win for the Dogs, a draw for the Cats and a warning for the Wolves NCR
November 29-- Prince Rupert city, school board want traffic light installed at McBride and 9th Ave.
November 29-- Are the first impressions, the lasting impressions? NCR
November 28-- Can't we all just get along?  NCR
November 23-- Is Prince Rupert ready for a large population increase
November 23-- Rupert Future Development (video)
November 23-- BC Ferries to appeal value of Prince Rupert terminal
November 16-- BG to host open house on LNG Project in Prince Rupert, Port Edward
November 16-- The Mayor vents council's frustrations with Port Authority and partners NCR
November 16-- City of Prince Rupert says port partners failed to meet commitments in regards to Fairview Terminal
November 16-- Public Transit review shows Prince Rupert residents generally happy with service
November 15-- City of Prince Rupert asks court to throw out Watson Island litigation in new filing
November 14-- Cat lovers ask the City of Prince Rupert to become part of the feral cat solution
November 11-- Northwest Transportation issues on City Council's Agenda NCR
November 10-- Honours and Salutations for City of Prince Rupert Administrator NCR
November 7-- Farewell to Mr. Howie NCR
November 3-- City planning to demolish building on Atlin Avenue...

October 30-- Railway safety project underway in Prince Rupert
October 29-- The Mayor adds Canadian National to his invitation list
October 27-- 9th Avenue East line rebuilds won't be complete until spring
October 24-- City Council hears annual CityWest presentation
October 24-- City Council members ask many questions of Port representatives over Pinnacle Pellet Project
October 22-- Presentation Day at City Council
October 16-- MLA's hear Prince Rupert presentations on budget consultations
October 1 -- Invitations offered; but have they been delivered or accepted?

September 14-- Council calls on Port Authority to explain Pinnacle Pellet approval
September 14-- Golf Course Society set to tee off at council
September 12-- A few trial balloons from City Hall

August 16-- Prince Rupert City Council cancels August session
August 10-- City sees commercial growth from port activity
August 3-- Train keeps a comin'
August 2-- City Council has questions for NWCC over program plans
August 2-- The statistically Mean streets of Prince Rupert
August 2-- Prince Rupert Marina project receives cash injection
August 1-- Watson Island sale on the table

July 27-- A taxation tipping point
July 18-- Pay days are more rewarding in Prince Rupert

April 3-- Ain't nobody here but us chickens...
April 2-- CityWest dispute delayed?

March 20-- Moneysense review places Rupert near bottom once again
March 16-- The Residents are rumbling
March 10-- Mayor finds positive signs in new business arrivals
March 6-- Discussion begins on emergency services replacement building

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