Saturday, September 1, 2012

Transportation on the North Coast-- BC Ferries / Alaska Marine Highway

Our Quick reference and archive of items pertaining to BC Ferries and the Alaska Marine Highway.


December 18-- Momentum Building Against Ferry Cuts
December 18-- Regional District planning to participate in protest of ferry service cuts
December 17-- Mechanical issues have Northern Expedition running behind schedule   NCR
December 16-- Weather once again has impact on BC Ferries Schedule  NCR
December 14-- Severe Weather impacts BC Ferries schedule for Saturday  NCR
December 13-- Prince Rupert Council ready to take BC Ferries battle to the Premier  NCR
December 13-- Haida Gwaii united in opposition to BC Ferries proposed cuts
December 11-- Ferry Service Cuts will be Devastating, Coastal Communities tell B. C. Liberals
December 11-- BC Ferries open houses an insult
December 6-- Kwuna's return delayed
December 6-- BC Ferries told cuts unacceptable during open house in Prince Rupert
December 5-- BC Ferries Community Engagement session set for tonight in Prince Rupert  NCR

November 28-- Central Coast residents try to save ferry service
November 27-- NDP weigh in with rebuke of Ferry plans by Government  NCR
November 27-- Ferry cuts a slap in the face
November 26-- North Coast residents can share their BC Ferries thoughts in December NCR
November 26-- Regional district taking concerns about ferry cuts to Premier Clark
November 20-- North Coast leaders react to BC Ferry cuts
November 18-- North Coast route reductions among BC Ferries Cuts announced today  NCR
November 18-- Ferry Cuts to Hit Haida Gwaii hard

October 25-- Ferry Advisory Committee calls Ferry Funding issue an "unnecessary crisis"  NCR
October 9-- Active-shooter drill planned on AMHS Ferry Matanuska

September 11-- Southeast Alaska residents weigh in on Draft AMHS ferry schedule

August 20-- Ongoing bonuses at BC Ferries send 'wrong message'
August 20-- B. C. Ferries top executives hit the jackpot ... again

July 15-- Latest AMHS shuttle ferry plan closes car deck

May 31-- AMHS Driver discount gone after winter 2014

April 18-- Alaska invites us up for a visit NCR
April 18-- Floating a new Ferries strategy NCR
April 17-- BC Ferries Hold Off on Service Reductions
April 15-- Planned ferry reductions put on hold until next March
April 15-- Cruising for crisis: report (audio)
April 11-- Service Cuts to Northern BC Ferry routes to be delayed until 2014 NCR

March 21-- A summer sail on the North Coast with BC Ferries NCR
March 13-- Ferry report a 'waste of time, waste of money': Gary Coons
March 6-- Fare increases on the way for BC Ferries users NCR
March 5-- BC Ferries consultation report released NCR

February 21-- Stormy weather leads to BC Ferry Sailing Cancellation NCR
February 17-- BC Ferries gains 20 percent reduction on Terminal Taxation NCR
February 15-- PR Ferry Tax (video)
February 15-- BC Ferries Reach a Property Tax Agreement
February 4-- BC Ferries announces Sailing Delay in effect for Monday  night for Northern Expedition NCR

January 29-- 50 years of North - South travel commemorated NCR
January 11-- Six month trial ahead in Queen of the North Sinking NCR


December 8-- SE leaders concerned about ferry plan change (audio)
November 28-- Ferries Fuel Surcharges Dropped
November 27-- BC Ferries Reassessment (video)
November 23-- Ferry traffic rebounding
November 23-- BC Ferries to appeal value of Prince Rupert terminal
November 14-- Please take time to fill out this BC Ferries survey (Northern View e edition pg 8)
November 11-- Northwest Transportation issues on City Council's Agenda
October 30-- Coastal Ferries Consultation set to begin
October 4-- Negative reviews from some for BC Ferries fare increase plans
October 3-- BC Ferries delays Northern Adventure sailing for Friday by 2 hours
August 16-- Captain Monaghan to the bridge!
August 2-- Alaska moves forward with AMHS Terminal rebuild plans in Prince Rupert
March 28-- BC Ferries increase no April Fools Day joke


February 4-- BC Ferries seeking massive ferry rate increases

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