Saturday, September 1, 2012

Industrial Development -- Canpotex Terminal

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to the proposed Canpotex Potash Terminal at Ridley Island.


December 6-- Potash Corp. to Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall: Our dividend 'is not sacrosanct'
December 3-- Another difficult day for the Potash Industry in Canada  NCR
December 3-- Potash Corp slashes 18% of its workforce because of weak demand
December 3-- Potash Corp. slashes jobs; 'We can compete' CEO says
December 3-- Postash Corp Announces Operating and Workforce Changes
December 3-- Potash Corp. to cut more than 1,000 jobs

October 25-- Cartel collapse hits Potash Corp., prompting mining giant to cut outlook
October 24-- Potash Corp profit plunges on weaker prices, sales
October 24-- Potash Corp. posts 28% price drop as Uralkali raises output
October 24-- Potash Corp. earnings plunge lower on lower prices, market uncertainty
October 24-- Postash Corp. chief rips into russian producer Uralkali for cartel break up
October 16-- Council may have to wait for the Canpotex reply  NCR
October 11-- Potash Corp. cuts profit forecast on 'market uncertainty'
October 11-- Potash Corp. cuts profit forecast amid market uncertainty
October 11-- Potash Corp downgrades earnings amid market uncertainty
October 9-- Potash prices to remain discounted for now, Saskatchewan premier says
October 6-- Potash sector struggles with excess capacity

September 11-- Prince Rupert calls Canpotex Back to Discuss a Future Potash Terminal
September 10-- City of Prince Rupert looking for answers from Canpotex

August 7-- International decision puts Prince Rupert potash terminal plans in question
August 1-- Potash turmoil provides for a new twist for local development NCR

July 31-- Potash shares crushed: Is Russian cartel dead, or is breakup a 'high stakes' bluff
July 31-- China, India gain upper hand as potash cartel crumbles
July 30-- Potash war may signal end of BHP's $15 billion min plan in Saskatchewan
July 30-- Saskatchewan government responds to possible potash price shake-up
July 30-- The growing implications of potash crash
July 30-- Potash price plunge could have 'meaningful' impact on Canada's GDP: CIBC
July 30-- Why the break up of the potash cartel is not such a big deal
July 30-- Potash price hammered as Russians may flood market
July 30-- Potash hit could cut Saskatchewan economic growth in half, economists say
July 30-- Potash plunge will 'hurt' province, expert says
July 30-- The fertilizer hits the fan: why Canada's potash cartel has lost pricing power
July 30-- Russia's potash breakup a 'game-changer' for Canadian industry
July 30-- Saskatchewan economy could take major hit from lower potash production
July 30-- Who's who in potash exporting
July 30-- Potash cartel shift sends shivers through Saskatchewan
July 30-- "The end of the potash world as we know it' is no exaggeration
July 30-- Saskatchewan economy can weather potash storm
July 30-- Shares of potash producers plunge as Russian marketing group collapses
July 30-- World's biggest potash producer Uralkali breaks up cartel to grab market share on price drop

March 28-- On the Cusp of Canpotex? NCR


November 9-- Still no decision on Canpotex Prince Rupert terminal (audio)
November 8-- Canpotex and Corridor Projects Approved
November 8-- Canpotex development takes another step forward NCR
November 7-- Federal Environment Minister gives Canpotex potash terminal the green light
September 12-- Mention of Canpotex stirs ambitions anew NCR
April 4-- Province seeks to improve trade through infrastructure NCR

A little background


June 28-- Potash marketer plans $500 million investment in West Coast shipping facilities
June 25-- Canpotex to expand potash export capacity
June 25-- Potash Exporter to Develop Terminal in Prince Rupert
Jnue 25-- Canpotex to raise potash shipping capacity

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