Saturday, September 1, 2012

Industrial Devleopment - Hydro Electric projects and related Hydro notes

Our archive of Hydro Electric projects and related Hydro notes on the North Coast


December 2-- Increased BC Hydro costs to pose challenges for strapped School Districts  NCR

November 27-- Hydro rates on their way upwards in British Columbia  NCR
November 5-- Power line stringing underway

September 24-- Tower Placement Continues on NTL
September 23-- First Nation concerned about BC Hydro work
September 18-- Global TV -- Northwest Transmission line video reports (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)
August 6-- BC Hydro made mistakes: BC energy and mines minister

July 24-- Aircrane heaves 180 big towers
July 18-- Keep your old power meter, for a fee

June 29-- Alarm bells about BC Hydro's spending fail to trigger government action
June 28-- 'Surprise' BC Hydro cost overruns hard to believe, with execs part of premier's inner circle
June 28-- Costs Soar on Northwest Transmission Line Project
June 28-- Gov't to probe northwestern BC power line cost
June 28-- BC Hydro power line cost soars
June 27-- Northwest Transmission Line costs jump $150M

May 6-- BC Hydro suspends its study on North Coast Transmission Project NCR

April 29-- Cost of Electrifying BC's North UP $222 Million in Two Years

March 22-- Another power line announced for Northwestern B. C.
March 22-- Iskut Powerline Extension to proceed
March 20-- Unpaid bills mount up at hydroelectric project
February 27-- Look way up


December 6-- Lights Out for Port Edward and southbound
November 21-- Kitimat Wants Answers on Proposed Projects' Power Sources
November 20-- Enbridge Power requirements (video)
November 16-- For Terrace, Smoke from a not so distant fire
November 7-- Kitimat Councillor Questions Transmission Line Updates
November 7-- Kitimat Transmission Line Questions (video)
October 19 -- Innergex acquires Northwest power plant
August 10-- Smart Meter concerns continue to pop up for BC Hydro
August 3-- Prince Rupert trends middle of the pack in Earth Hour involvement

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