Saturday, September 1, 2012

Industrial Development - Oil Terminal proposals for the North Coast

Our Archive of items regarding the possible development of an Oil shipment terminal or Oil refinery on the North Coast, including the issue of oil by rail transit.

Items on the Enbridge Northern Gateway project can be found here

Items on the Proposed Kitimat Oil Refinery can be found here

Items involving shipment of oil or processing in Prince Rupert can be found below.

December 5-- Federal government not planning to immediately implement oil tanker recommendations
December 2-- Captains Cullen and Rive to the bridge  NCR

November 18-- Enthusiastic group deliver their message to the Port on the prospect of oil tankers on the North Coast  NCR
November 15-- Come for the Protest, stay for some information  NCR
November 8-- Prince Rupert Port Authority to be target of local protest on November 16th NCR
November 6-- Nathan Cullen angry over BC/Alberta pipeline announcement  NCR
November 4-- The high stakes of transporting oil by rail

October 24-- CN Rail CFO says no infrastructure, no support for oil-by-rail to the west coast
October 19-- State of Emergency declared after Oil and gas train derailment in western Alberta  NCR
October 18-- B. C., Alberta seek truce on oil exports
October 17-- Terrace council pursues rail line over pass
October 17-- Oil will flow
October 17-- Oil-by-rail makes B. C. Government 'nervous', Natural Gas Development minister says
October 16-- If B. C. pipelines not built, oil will flow west by rail
October 16-- B. C., Alberta on same oil-export page
October 15-- Moving Oil to Port By Rail An Option
October 10-- Oil refinery pitched for Grassy Point
October 7-- An Oil refinery play for Grassy Bay?  NCR
October 7-- Oil on the tracks
October 3-- Cullen lashes out at oil-by-rail proposal

September 27-- Alberta oil will reach the coast, like it or not
September 25-- Oliver pushes for oil to be shipped by train on west coast, Lac Magantic notwithstanding
September 23-- Oil by Rail proposal rolls into view once again NCR
September 22-- CN Rail floats idea of shipping Alberta bitumen to Prince Rupert: documents

August 5-- Rail Safety on the mind of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities  NCR

July 9- In wake of Lac-Megantic disaster, there is an increased focus on oil by rail plans  NCR

May 23-- Oil by rail option continues to generate interest in Canada and overseas NCR

March 15-- Moving bitumen to market: the case for rail
March 12-- The Oil by Rail Option, CN builds infrastructure for the future NCR
March 2-- Crude-via-rail: Not a fleeting business

February 1-- The next battle over Bitumen?   NCR


November 17-- Alaska to Alberta rail option could have an impact on Port of Prince Rupert NCR

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