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Labour Issues of the North Coast

Our archives of items of interest on Labour issues on the North Coast.


December 6-- Northwest Unemployment rate falls to five per cent

November 1-- Scheduling conflicts force Nathan Cullen to reschedule Prince Rupert LNG session NCR

October 30-- Prince Rupert Hospital ordered to reinstate IUOE power engineers
October 11-- Northwestern BC jobs picture brightens

August 19-- NWCC Prince Rupert to host regional forum on immigrant employment  NCR
August 13-- Potential Labour trouble as BC Schools prepare for September  NCR
August 12-- Merged Union ahead for local union memberships  NCR
August 11-- Jobs picture brightens in northwest BC
August 7-- Union seeks answers over arbitrators ruling on Air Canada Jazz Staffing  NCR

July 31-- Changes planned for Air Canada Jazz station positions in Prince Rupert  NCR
July 5-- Unemployment rate drops below seven per cent
July 3-- Fairview coverup? B.C. government agency terminates Prince Rupert caregiver's $2million contract amid allegations of abuse, threats
June 13-- Labour Relations Board issues compensation decision over union battle at PRRH NCR
June 12-- Prince Rupert hospital to pay for anti-union actions
June 6-- Clock ticking down towards possible VIA Rail disruption  NCR
June 4-- Unions protest arrival of ship loaded by 'scab labour' to Prince Rupert (video)
June 3-- Prince Rupert ILWU members to protest use of 'scab labour' at Vancouver terminal

May 10-- Little change in northwest B. C. jobless rate

April 10-- Major work camp planned for Port Edward (N View e edition pg A14)
April 7-- Northwest jobless rate dips in March
April 5-- Northwest BC jobless rate inches up
April 1-- Port Ed Land Sale (video)
April 1-- Port Edward sells 40 Acres of Land

March 27-- Projects hunting hotel rooms for workers (Northern View e edition pgs 1 & 2)
March 25-- "If you're on income assistance, we want to get you trained up" MP Bob Zimmer
March 21-- Job Fair Caravan arrives Friday NCR
March  7-- Northwestern B. C. Jobs tally remains steady
February 20-- Provincial Budget Doesn't Assist Prince Rupert for Skills Training Programs
February 20--
February 13-- For the BC Job Fair Caravan, the road does go west after all! NCR
February 13-- Prince Rupert workers needed (Northern View e edition page 5)
February 8-- Northwest BC jobs picture brightens
February 6-- Trades employment program seeking unemployed (Northern View e edition page 12)
February 4-- School District T shirt controversy catches the eye of the BC Civil Liberties Association NCR
January 28-- More discord between Union and School Board? NCR
January 4-- Northwest BC Job rate improves 


December 31-- The BC Jobs Fair roadmap seemingly ends in Terrace NCR

December 18-- Glad Tidings to you wherever you are (except perhaps the SD52 office) NCR
December 7-- Northwest BC Jobless rate drops
November 13-- BC Jobs Fair Caravan skips Prince Rupert NCR
November 5-- Labour Relations Board rules against Prince Rupert Regional Hospital Management...
November 2-- Northwest B. C. jobless rate dips slightly
November 2-- Labour Relations Board issues Decision on Maintenance issues at PRRH NCR

October 9-- A once vibrant industry suffers further declines on the North Coast NCR
October 7-- Northwest jobless rate holds steady
October 6-- Northwest BC's jobless rate still in double digits, but showing slight improvement NCR
October 5-- Northwest BC Jobless rate improves a touch

September 7-- Northwest BC's jobless rate remains high

August 9-- Jobless rate edges up

May 6-- Regional jobless rate drops

April 14-- Jobless rate inches up in March
April 2-- CityWest dispute delayed? NCR
April 2-- CityWest union responds to company and relations board

March 30-- Labour Relations Board says CityWest workers can't go on strike
March 30-- CityWest addressess negotiations with the IBEW workers
March 30-- CityWest Strike Stalled Over Essential Services
March 20-- Northwest B. C. unemployment spikes

February 15-- Layoffs loom for NWCC
February 15 -- MLA questions college cuts
February 15-- College plans to axe more than 30 jobs
February 13-- Emotions Run High at NWCC Education Council Meeting
February 10-- More than 30 jobs on the cutting block at NWCC
February 9-- College determines laayoff numbers
February 8-- Union wants college layoff plans stopped
February 7-- Job cuts looming at NWCC
February 6-- College cuts: Layoffs happening to restore college's financial health
February 5-- Students rallying against cuts at the college
February 2-- NWCC Says 31.5 Positions Need to Be Cut To Balance Budget
February 1-- College layoff notices coming this month

January 30-- Northern Colleges struggle with budgets
January 30-- NWCC President Warns of Tough Decisions Ahead
January 28-- Union, students want gov't to protect college
January 27-- Union Leader Visits Terrace to Discuss NWCC Budget Crisis
January 25-- College layoffs on the horizon
January 19-- College deficit could now be $2 million
January 13-- College faces budget crunch


Labour Relations Board of British Columbia Decisions

October 31-- Northern Health Authority and International Union of Operating Engineers

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