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Industrial Development -- The Fishing Industry

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to the Fishing Industry on the North Coast.


December 5-- Fisheries Forum in Prince Rupert well attended
December 5-- Fishery Forum (video)
December 3-- Forum to tackle fishing issues
November 27-- A community-based fishery the goal of organizers of a community forum next week NCR

September 18-- Lax Kw'alaams plant hits payroll milestone
September 11-- Lax Kw'alaams Fish Plant Surpasses $1.5 Million in Payroll

August 20-- Canfisco Rep welcomes investigation into Salmon handling practices
August 19-- DFO investigates Fishermen (video)
August 15-- Fraser River salmon ban begins tonight
August 14-- Fishermen deserve answers
August 14-- Revised Columbia River Treaty could restore salmon runs
August 14-- Nass sockeye a surprise
August 14-- Seine fisherman defends dumping of pink salmon during aboriginal fishery
August 13-- Disease killing Pacific Herring threatens salmon, scientist warns
August 13-- Rescue crew from CFB Comox evacuate crew member from fishing boat off Port Hardy NCR
August 13-- Skeena closure meets favourable response from First Nations
August 13-- Bounty of the Seas: Sockeye's rare, but there are plenty of other salmon
August 12-- First Nation leaders blame DFO in Skeena sockeye collapse
August 12-- Drastically low sockeye salmon returns leads to fishing ban for Skeena River First Nations
August 10-- DFO closes sockeye fishery to recreational and First Nation users  NCR
August 10-- Sockeye salmon shortfall drives up price
August 9-- Skeena Sockeye Fishing Ban now includes First Nations
August 9-- First Nations sockeye fisheries shut down for first time  (audio)
August 9-- First Nations Fishing Ban (video)
August 9-- First nation fishery closed on Skeena River
August 9-- Low sockeye numbers shut down First Nations food fishery, recreation fishery
August 8-- Sockeye ban on Skeena extended to First Nations
August 7-- Sockeye season called the worst in three decades
August 6-- Fraser River fishery caught by Cohen report inaction
August 5-- A Salmon season of discontent  NCR
August 1-- Kitsumkalum Salmon (video)
August 1-- Low Skeena salmon rates lead to Kitsumkalum BBQ cancellation
August 1-- Low Sockeye Numbers in Skeena River a Concern for First Nations and Government

July 31-- Salmon Fishermen back on the job (N View e edition pg A1 & 2)
July 30-- Fishermen Canfisco Deal (video)
July 29-- Canfisco fleet back fishing
July 26-- North Coast Seiners Demonstrate in Front of Canfisco Plant
July 26-- North Coast Seiners Demonstrate in Front of Canfisco
July 26-- Morley Canfisco (video)
July 26-- Mussallem Pinks (video)
July 26-- Wet'suwet'en Return (video)
July 26-- Wet'suwet'en First Nation Host Annual Salmon Return
July 25-- Pink salmon fishery standoff in Prince Rupert
July 24-- Fishermen tie up Canfisco fleet
July 24-- Low numbers forces sockeye closure (N View e edition pg A3)
July 23-- Skeena sockeye numbers remain bleak
July 23-- NDP MP Nathan Cullen adds his voice to Skeena fishery concerns  NCR
July 18-- Skeena River salmon shortage (video)
July 17-- Conservation groups point to SE Alaska for Skeena stock woes  NCR
July 16-- Alaskans Fish BC Sockeye (video)
July 16-- Toboggan Creek Hatchery (video)
July 15-- DFO defends dungeness fishery closure (N View e edition pg 17)
July 15-- DFO takes issue with Northern View crab closure coverage NCR
July 15-- Toboggan Creek Hatchery Calls on Fishermen to Return Hatchery Fish Heads
July 10-- B. C. crab fishermen losing money as season opens late
July 10-- Crabbers withdraw survey support ( N View e edition pg A2)
July 9-- B. C. Dungeness crab fishermen angered by fishery closure
July 9-- Closing of B. C. Dungeness crab fishery sparks anger
July 9-- Crab Fishermen pinched by closure
July 8-- Crab Closure Protest (video)
July 8-- B. C. crab fishermen boiling at DFO closure order
July 8-- North Coast Fishermen Protest DFO closure of Crab Fishery
July 5-- Commercial Fishery on the North Coast gets more bad news from DFO  NCR
July 4-- DFO Predicts No Sockeye Salmon Commercial Fishery for Prince Rupert this year
July 4-- Skeena, Nass Sockeye Fishery (video)
July 3-- Fishermen outraged by "unjustified" closure (N View e edition pgs A1 and 2)
July 3-- Wise decisions aren't made based on a lack of data
July 3-- Fisherman killed in apparent accident (N view e edition pg A2)

July 1-- Crab closure frustrates North Coast fishermen

June 29-- Crab fishermen set up blockade at DFO office in Prince Rupert
June 28-- Crab Fishermen Picket DFO Office in Prince Rupert
June 28-- B. C. North Coast crab fishermen fear economic disaster from unexpected closure

June 28-- Crab Fishers hold downtown protest of DFO crab fishery closure NCR
June 27-- Fishing vessel incident on North Coast claims one life NCR
June 27-- DFO cites lack of data for crab fishery closure, but crab association cries foul
June 26-- Crab association upset as fishery suddenly closed
June 18-- Shellfish harvesting remains closed
June 17-- Traditional First Nations technology used for a more accurate fish count near Bella Bella (audio)

May 29-- DFO Bent on crushing fishery: Thorkelson (N View E edition pgs 1 and 2)
May 27-- Will ocean dumping continue despite firing? (audio)
May 24-- Another contentious Commercial salmon season ahead NCR
May 24-- CEO Russ George removed from Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation
May 23-- Northern Fishermen Can't Afford New Monitoring Program (audio)
May 23-- Government 'hell bent' on destroying commercial fishery, says MP
May 23-- Haida Fire Ocean Fertilization Entrepreneur
May 22-- Prince Rupert Fishing Conference (video)
May 22-- Fishermen in Prince Rupert say new monitoring requirements are too costly

April 5-- SE Alaska quota drops again
April 4-- Aboriginal leaders urge total ban on Fraser River early chinook fishery
April 4-- Sitka Alaska roe closes as co-op yields 250 tons
April 3-- Alaska Seiners try co-op to finish Sitka herring season
April 3-- No cold storage means fewer processing jobs in Prince Rupert
April 2-- $300,000 dock repair project complete at Lax Kw'alaams  NCR
April 2-- The Green Party picks up on Councillor Thorkelson's theme NCR

March 26-- Catch ban (recreational fishery) given the green light
March 22-- B. C. Government to freeze new net-pen salmon farms in Discovery Islands until 2020
March 22-- B. C. agrees to freeze new salmon farms in critical zone
March 21-- Fraser River Sockeye run may be lower than expected, federal official says
March 21-- Federal Budget cuts $100 million from fisheries and oceans over three years
March 21-- Another round of cuts planned for Fisheries and Oceans Canada
March 18-- Pacific Salmon designated BC's provincial fish
March 18-- Fraser sockeye watchers see stock rebuilding
March 9-- Public Consultation Period now open for 2013 Salmon Plan NCR

February 15-- Harper - controlled DFO is censoring federal scientists with research rules, critics say

January 28-- Masset Co-op finishes year in black again


December 20-- B. C. Fisheries Document Spreads through Northwest
December 20-- Fisheries Document (video)
November 8-- Cohen Report spawns much debate along the coast NCR
October 26-- Lax Kw'alaams Open State of the Art Fish Plant
October 26-- Lax Kw'alaams Fish Plant (video)
October 25-- Lax Kw'alaams fish plant offers employment and hope to community NCR
October 9 -- A once vibrant industry suffers further declines on the North Coast NCR
September 27-- Prince Rupert fishing processing season seen as "disappointing"
July 5-- Lax Kw'alaams fish plant to reopen with ground fish processing capabilities
June 7-- Union, environmental group want habitat protection changes withdrawn from Bill C 38
May 31-- Halibut allocation -- A topic at Prince Rupert council
May 20-- Prince Rupert City council asks feds to retain EI programs for seasonal workers
April 18-- Fish Plant Closing Down in Rupert
April 18-- Ocean's Fish Plant in Prince Rupert closing down
March 29-- DFO talks about halibut allocation with Prince Rupert City Council
March 14-- The value of the sport fishing sector for Prince Rupert
February 20-- Both sides upset with Pacific Halibut Fishery Changes
February 17-- Halibut Share Shifts
January 27-- Firm contracted to Demolish Fish Plant
January 26-- Contract awarded for demolition of JS McMillan's Prince Rupert processing plant

Cohen Report Findings October 2012

Cohen Report website 

November 8-- Cohen Report spawns much debate along the coast NCR
November 7-- Cohen report wide ranging
November 6-- Donnelly asks Conservatives about Cohen Commission, gets no answer
November 5-- Salmon farmers respond to Cohen report reaction
November 4-- Salmon at heart of federal report could face pipeline spill danger
November 3-- The future of fisheries management
November 2-- Sockeye Salmon Report Sobering, But Definitive
November 2-- No smoking gun in Cohen report
November 1-- Wild Salmon Report Released (video)
November 1-- Island Fish Farms Weigh in on Cohen Report
November 1-- The Results are in: Wild Salmon Need Action Now
November 1-- Cohen's Report Gets Mixed Reaction
November 1-- Fish report cast on good line
November 1-- Craig Orr on the Cohen Report (audio)
November 1-- Salmon farmers put brave face on chilling report
November 1-- Cohen Commission Report Rightly Targets Salmon Farms...
November 1-- Wild Salmon Advocates Cheer Cohen Report
November 1-- Salmon farmers dind sockeye report 'quiet balanced'
October 31-- Report on B. C. salmon decline, short on details, long on maybes
October 31-- No 'smoking gun' for Fraser River sockeye salmon collapse
October 31-- Justice Cohen Gets Tough on Fish Farms - Inquiry Report released (video)
October 31-- Cohen Report makes 75 recommendations on the future of Fraser River sockeye salmon
October 31-- Salmon inquiry commissioner critical of Fisheries Act changes
October 31-- NDP accuse the Feds of undermining the Cohen inquiry report
October 31-- Freeze new salmon farms on sockeye migration route: Cohen
October 31-- The Cohen Commission: A report that could save BC's wild salmon
October 30-- Release of B. C. salmon inquiry report generates debate
October 26-- Deadline looms for Cohen report on sockeye collapse
October 26-- Salmon inquiry spawns opportunity


November 9-- MP wants a deal on Prince Rupert reduction plant
October 31-- JS McMillan Fisheries closed for good
October 31-- No deal for reduction plant in Prince Rupert as JS McMillan shuts down processing plant
July 21-- Canfisco and Ocean Fisheries consolidate processing plant operations
July 13-- Prince Rupert processing plant processing plenty after announcement
July 7-- Mayor, MP Disappointed by impending closure of Prince Rupert Fish Processor
July 6-- JS McMillan manager confident reduction plant will remain in Prince Rupert
July 5-- JS McMillan Fisheries announces closure of Prince Rupert processing plant
June 27-- Troll Fishery Closed
June 1-- Successful Herring Fishery for North Coast
April 6-- Candidates respond: The fishing sector
February 28-- Large Crowd in Kitimat Demands Change in Halibut Allocation
February 22-- Kitimat Council to submit halibut resolution to NCLGA
February 16-- Recreational Halibut Fishermen Furious Over Ottawa's Latest Allocation Plan
February 10-- Cullen Says Halibut Allocation Battle a Complex Issue
February 8-- Kitimat council supports group opposed to halibut allocations
February 8-- Commercial fishery concerned about some sport practices
February 4-- Promising commercial herring season ahead
February 3-- Recreational Anglers Protest DFO Halibut Allocations
January 25-- Prince Rupert worried about shore workers jobs
January 24-- Herring Processing needs to continue says Prince Rupert Council

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