Friday, September 14, 2012

Council calls on Port Authority to explain Pinnacle Pellet approval

In a motion introduced into the September 4th session, Prince Rupert City Council has instructed staff to invite members of the Prince Rupert Port Authority to attend council session to explain its recent approval of the Pinnacle Pellet project.

The motion introduced by Councillor Joy Thorkelson who was referencing the recent Port of Prince Rupert press release (see  1:45.20 mark of council recording) will seek to learn more about the project, which was given approval by the Port last week.

The Pinnacle Pellet project has been a contentious issue for council which has heard numerous concerns from residents in the Water Street and Graham Avenue areas, expressing their fears over such a large scale development on the city's west side waterfront.

The Pinnacle Pellet Project will see a storage and shipment terminal built along the waterfront near where the old Prince Rupert Grain Elevator once stood in the 1980's.

Residents of the area, many of whom probably never had to deal with a working Industrial waterfront in that area other than the freight yard, have been trying to stop the project since it was first brought up earlier this year.

Council has weighed in from time to time on the issue, but they are no doubt more than aware that there may be little they could offer up to stop such a development even if they wanted to and thus far council members haven't been forced to make a stand yea or nay on the subject.

The process moves to the front of the line now as the Port issues it's approval notice having conducted its reviews and made what it hopes are arrangements to stem the concern of the residents of the region.

It is no doubt to those points that council will seek more information whenever the Port appears at council session, from there it will be interesting to see how the six councillors and the Mayor move from that session.

Industrial Devleopment -- Pinnacle Pellet Plant

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