Friday, September 21, 2012

Tom Brokaw puts his Bulkley Valley getaway up on the market

Perhaps the folks around Smithers were in the loop, but kept the secret, they had a celebrity within their midst's, but in true Bulkley Valley fashion gave him his distance.

Tom Brokaw, the legendary NBC newsman seemingly has been an owner of property just north of Smithers his getaway of choice, a fishing lodge known as Hat Rack Ranch.  A 275 acre spread that highlights the steel head fishing on the Bulkley River as it's key attraction.

Mr. Brokaw purchased the property with  two friends to pursue their passion for fishing, a quiet respite from the very high energy life of Manhattan. No doubt it was  a place where Mr. Brokaw would go to get away from the network news grind back in the day, a little piece of BC that would serve as a retreat.

But all good things it seems do come to an end, Mr. Brokaw and his friends don't use the property as much as they used to and so now are putting it up on the market.

Hall and Hall property brokers are handling the sale and have this prospectus up on the net for you to look over. If you can come up with the 1.8 million dollar asking price, you can say you own the spread where Brokaw put his hat on the rack.

So, with Mr. Brokaw soon to be a Bulkley land baron no more, you can think back to those trips through Smithers when you noticed that guy in the Bulkley Valley Wholesale or at the A & W and went, hey he looks like...

Turns out you may have been right.

The discovery of the Brokaw property sale spread quick among the media sites of the province, each listing some of the key points of his Bulkley Valley home away from home. Which no doubt means that there will be no turning back now, after all it's not much of a getaway home if everyone knows where it is.

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