Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mention of Canpotex stirs ambitions anew

The Canpotex file in Prince Rupert goes back as far as the days of Mayor Herb Pond, providing for the mega project version of  the dance of a thousand veils, a process that seems to be travelling along a trail that at times heats up and then suddenly goes very, very cold.

First arriving as a tantalizing bit of economic development back in 2008, Rupertites have been told that the decision is just around the corner for a few years now, with the proposed Ridley Island project becoming kind of a legend all to its own.

Upon the initial introduction to the project, Prince Rupert residents rolled out the welcome mat attending public sessions, weighing in with a welcoming message for the most part, (though there was some blow back on the plans from a few quarters) after those early days many in the city were busy crossing their fingers that the development would spur on the city's lagging economic situation.

However, best thoughts and crossed fingers it seems don't always turn the tide, or a shovel for that matter, at least quickly.

The Saskatoon based potash corporation has been rather quiet of late as far as updates on their plans go, those early days of excitement giving way to wonderment as to just how things are moving along these days.

Economic changes around the world, attempted takeovers in the Potash industry and any other number of factors seemed to have slowed down those giddy days of 2008, placing the project as just another one of the hopeful things that could come our way.

Some progress however may be on the horizon, word last week was that the comprehensive study under way into the proposed terminal in Prince Rupert is moving forward, with the chance for final public comment now upon us.

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency has compiled a rather lengthy file thus far (87 pages) as they examine the proposal, which is accessible through the Agencies website (click here).

The project also gets an extensive explanation on the Government's Major Projects Management Office website as well as on the provincial website Invest in Northern British Columbia.

Interested participants have until October 5, 2012 to provide their feedback into the proposed project and can submit their thoughts by email to, those inclined can also phone in their interest at 604-666-2431 or by submitting a letter to the following address:

Canpotex Potash Terminal Project
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
410-701 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V7Y 1C6

Four years down the road, the project is still at least on a burner, whether a back burner or a front one is still to be determined.

As always, word of the latest developments from Canpotex found quick reporting among the local media.

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