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From the Legislature

Items of note from our elected officials at the Provincial Legislature and developments in the northwest ridings .

North Coast
MLA Jennifer Rice (NDP MLA)
Member of the Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth

MLA's Week Legislature Archive

North Coast Riding website (no website created yet for MLA Rice)
Jennifer Rice Twitter feed
Jennifer Rice Facebook page

For information on the 2013 Provincial election campaign see our Election Desk Archive here


December 2-- Captains Cullen and Rive to the bridge  NCR

November 29-- Former Prince Rupert Teacher takes the reins of NDP's Kamloops-South Thompson Constituency  NCR
November 27-- NDP weigh in with rebuke of Ferry plans by Government   NCR
November 27-- MLA raising red flag after spying allegations
November 20-- Rice welcomes LNG recommendations 
November 20-- Cullen's decision bad news for Rupert (N View e edition pg A 4)
November 13-- Dan Miller's political chalkboard for the NDP  NCR
November 8-- Nathan Cullen not making switch to provincial politics
November 8-- Cullen rules out seeking provincial NDP leadership
November 8-- Nathan Cullen to step away from BC NDP Leadership Race  NCR
November 7-- Cullen on Provincial Leadership (video)
November 4-- BC Conservative leader hopeful to visit northwest
November 1-- Skeena MLA expenses tops for BC NDP in September  NCR

October 23-- Northwest MLA's want action on Missing Women's Commission recommendations
October 23-- Online voting no quick fix for turnout
October 22-- Scratching Mr. Cullen off the BC NDP Leadership depth chart?  NCR
October 21-- Spring date too soon for B. C. NDP leadership convention, Cullen says
October 21-- B. C. NDP's May 2014 Leadership date works against MP Nathan Cullen
October 21-- May vote proposed to replace Dix
October 19-- Timing the key factor in Cullen's decision on provincial leadership bid
October 18-- NDP Health Critic (video)
October 17-- MLA Rice sends out first "household mailer" of new political adventure  NCR
October 16-- For Nathan Cullen, the quest for the BC NDP Leadership may all come down to timing NCR
October 16-- BC Conservative Leadership Hopeful making swing through Northwest BC  NCR
October 16-- Nathan Cullen turns to constituents regarding BC NDP leadership bid
October 11-- NDP MP still mulling leadership shot
October 12-- B. C. NDP Leadership Run Depends on Timing
October 11-- City makes its case on infrastructure concerns to Standing Finance Committee NCR
October 10-- Provincial Government Committee on Finance and Government Services hold Prince Rupert session  NCR

September 28-- Cullen not ruling out run at provincial NDP leadership
September 28-- Council seeks more consultation and conversation with provincial cabinet officials NCR
September 27-- Local NDP (in Prince George) high on Cullen
September 26-- Cullen eyeing run for NDP leader
September 26-- North Coast MLA offers up thoughts on Adrian Dix resignation  NCR
September 26-- Cullen Giving Strong Consideration to Provincial NDP Leadership
September 26-- Nathan Cullen Not Ruling Out BC NDP Leadership Candidacy
September 25-- Mr. Cullen's contemplations NCR
September 24-- Cullen weighing pros and cons of B. C. NDP leadership run
September 23-- August expenses for NDP MLA's released, some Northern MLA's still at top of rankings NCR
September 20-- Will Mr. Cullen give thought to a provincial call?  NCR

August 22-- Elections BC Releases Campaign Expenses
August 22-- Rice election spending more than doubles Liberal challenger
August 21-- Move over Pamela, here comes Jennifer
August 21-- Rice claims more than $9,200 in expenses during July to top all NDP MLAs
August 16-- North Coast MLA Rice tops NDP expense list for July  NCR
August 13-- Northwest BC NDP MLA seeks LNG clarity
August 7-- It's a Ministerial road trip... NCR
August 7-- Here is something Rice can read aloud

July 26-- MLA Rice questions Minister on health and infrastructure issues related to LNG development NCR
July 24-- North Coast MLA Rice speaks on LNG in Legislature NCR
July 12-- North Coast MLA seeks movement on Highway of Tears shuttle bus proposal NCR
July 3-- MLA's debut speech touches on environment, port development and transportation on North Coast NCR

June 30-- MP seeks protection for Northwest rivers   NCR
June 14-- MLA Rice receives her critics portfolio NCR
June 14-- Jennifer Rice named critic for northern and rural health
June 11-- The Councillor Steps Aside NCR

April 22-- Former North Coast MLA Graham Lea passes away NCR
April 16-- How outgoing politicians deal with their last days (audio)

March 22-- Auditor General Calls for better monitoring of BC's Air Ambulance Service NCR
March 19-- B. C. Liberals allege Coons took part in Scheme to Divert Constituents Funds
March 15-- B. C. Liberals allege Coons diverted funds: Coons denies allegation
March 12-- A Glimpse into the NDP's LNG policy? NCR
March 3-- The Veniez Bump? NCR

February 28-- A split for the North Coast NDP? NCR
February 24-- Is Anyone up to run a Liberal challenge on the North Coast? NCR
February 21-- Gary Coons replaced as critic for BC Ferries and Coastal Communities
February 21-- Rice Council Conflict (video)
February 20-- Can Rice Fill Both Council and NDP Candidate Shoes?
February 20-- Liberals deliver budget/election blue print NCR
February 18-- Premier Clark's Prosperity Fund Plan hinges on electoral prospects for Liberals
February 13-- Should she stay, or should she go... NCR

January 28-- Jennifer Rice claims North Coast NDP nomination NCR
January 26-- New Candidate Nominated for BC NDP North Coast
January 22-- Final stretch for NDP candidates in the North Coast nomination process NCR
January 11-- Joanna Larson leading the endorsement parade in North Coast NDP Race  NCR


December 5-- NDP Election Prep North Coast (video)
November 23-- NDP North Coast race stands at two heading towards December NCR
November 22-- Individuals seeking NDP nomination revealed
November 21-- C is for candidate, which Ms. Larson will be NCR
November 20-- Head of Prince Rupert teacher's union seeking NDP nomination
October 31-- North Coast MLA Cary Coons comments on travel expense report
October 23-- Rupertites take to Court House Lawn in Northern Gateway Protest NCR
October 23-- Enbridge opponents rally in Prince Rupert
October 16-- MLA's hear Prince Rupert presentations on budget consultations NCR
October 9-- Northern Ports Symposium opens Wednesday NCR
October 4-- Negative reviews from some for BC Ferries fare increase plans NCR
October 4-- Students' union holds Sisters in Spirit vigil
October 3-- MLA says ferry fare increases will hurt coastal communities
September 20-- Prince Rupert's Fairview Terminal marks fifth anniversary
September 12-- With election looming MLA Gary Coons heads for the sunset NCR
September 9-- Jennifer Rice picked by NDP as possible candidate for next election
September 7-- MLA Gary Coons Won't Run Again
September 7-- North Coast MLA Gary Coons not seeking re-election in 2013
September 5-- MLA expected to announce intentions for 2013 election this week
August 17-- MLA calls oil refinery 'pie in the sky' idea
August 16-- Anti-Enbridge runner to finish campaign in Prince Rupert on Tuesday
July 16-- B. C. Minister of Environment visits Haida Gwaii to see Japanese tsunami debris...
June 22-- National Aboriginal Day celebration in Prince Rupert
May 17-- MLA questions preparedness of government to deal with tsunami debris
February 21-- Gateway Pipeline controversy receives an airing in Prince Rupert NCR
February 13-- Enbridge seeking time limit on non-Aboriginal speakers at Prince Rupert hearings
February 13-- MLA lashes out at Enbridge for attempt to limit speaking time
January 25-- Talking Prince Rupert tourism with the opposition critic
January 11-- MLA reflects on 2011 provincially and locally

MLA Robin Austin (NDP)
Skeena Riding website

November 1-- Skeena MLA Explains High Travel Bills
November 1-- Austin Travel Expenses (video)
October 31-- MLA's family history key to Sri Lankan trip
October 31-- Skeena NDP MLA tops in travel expenses
October 25-- Terrace participates in province-wide day of action against tanker traffic
October 16-- Union members rally in Terrace
October 13-- Greyhound wants to trim northwest BC service
October 12-- NDP MLA Robin Austin slams use of temporary workers
September 25-- Forestry, if done correctly, can rise to the top again
August 17-- Skeena MLA Austin says refinery proposal is "just an idea"
July 9-- MLA Robin Austin running for a third time
May 19-- Liberal 'disses' voters, says NDP MLA Robin Austin
May 7-- Protestors voice opposition to Enbridge pipeline
May 7-- Enbridge pipeline hearing kicks off tonight
April 30-- Provincial NDP caucus speaks out against pipeline
April 17-- Skeena MLA wants smart meters reviewed
February 25-- Tax hikes hurt people, says MLA
February 20-- Special needs students budget lacking, says MLA
February 16-- NDP MLA downplays Liberal budget
February 15-- MLA questions college cuts
January 7-- Fee hikes nibble away at your pay

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