Monday, December 2, 2013

Captains Cullen and Rice to the bridge

We suspect that this morning will find some of our elected officials from Northern BC trying out some on line gaming, all in the name of environmental research of course.

Like many other opponents to the Enbridge pipeline proposal, NDP MP Nathan Cullen and MLA Jennifer Rice have long expressed their concerns over the project and the proposed oil terminal for the Kitimat region and now they could have a video tool to help present their case.

The Great Bear Gamble is a rather rudimentary online video game, one that offers up the chance for those that  play it, to take an oil tanker out of the Port of Kitimat and on towards its journey to open sea.

Though, in the case of this particular project, it would appear that most of won't make it too far from the dock before we put our oil tanker up on the rocks.

The video game is not exactly what one might call a high tech simulator.

The basic workings of it seem to take you quickly from leaving the Kitimat dock to destroying the Great Bear Rainforest, a rather doomsday like scenario that plays out in but a couple of keystrokes.

The end result of which, would seem to leave you as the Captain, as someone who we imagine will live forever in infamy.

The project was designed as a way for opponents of the Enbridge proposal to highlight the concerns that they have over the proposed pipeline and terminal.

And while those against the Enbridge project may find the video game as something of a learning moment to share, we imagine proponents of the pipeline and terminal concept may have a few differing thoughts on the nature of the game and its message.

Particularly the portrayal of navigation in and out of the port (at least as the video game presents it) as a disaster in the waiting.

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