Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Twin Weather Warnings issued for North Coast Inland

Update: Freezing Drizzle warning warning has ended, heavy snowfall warning remains in effect..

Unstable weather is preparing to make its presence felt on the inland areas of the North Coast, with Environment Canada issuing two warnings this morning for residents and travellers to take heed of.

The Weather service issued a Snowfall warning  for the North Coast Inland area, with light snow this afternoon turning into a heavy snowfall through the evening.

Accumulations of 20 to 30 cm are anticipated inland, with Stewart potentially receiving 40 cm before the system has passed through.

At the same time, Environment Canada also issued a freezing drizzle Warning for inland sections of the North Coast, a situation that could make travel along highways and roads in the region particularly challenging.

While the inland regions of the North Coast deal with snow, the coastal portion of the region as well as Haida Gwaii will be receiving a fair amount of rain and wind over the next 48 hours.

Close to 50 mm is expected today, with another 30 mm anticipated for Wednesday, the full North Coast forecast can be found here.

You can review both of the inland Warnings here

You can access full road conditions from Drive BC, which will provide updates through the afternoon and evening. You can get updates from their website or twitter feed.

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