Friday, December 13, 2013

CityWest to transition out of the cellular business

After months of speculation on the nature of its cellular offerings, CityWest has apparently decided that their cellular service, perhaps is best serviced by Telus.

CityWest confirmed the much rumoured departure from the cellular business today, advising that they will be transitioning out of the cellular industry over the next year, inviting their customers to join the Telus 4G network.

The new partnership will allow CityWest customers to transfer seamlessly to the Telus network and take advantage of all that the telecommunications giant offers to its customers. 

Towards that transition Telus will be setting up a temporary location in the CityWest building, opening for business on December 18th.  

As part of today's developments, Telus announced that it will open it's own storefront operation sometime in 2014 to service the Prince Rupert market.

Current CityWest cellular customers who switch over to Telus will not pay any cancellation fees and can trade-in their current device for credit towards any new Telus smartphone.

CityWest framed the announcement on Friday as one that will allow them to focus their attention and investments on the other product lines that the Prince Rupert based communications company offers to communities in the Northwest.

No financial terms of the partnership were outlined, owing to a confidentiality agreement between Telus and CityWest.

A full review of the changeover and what Telus has to offer Prince Rupert residents can be found from this Telus Press release.

Those with questions on the nature of the new cellular service and what benefits it may have to offer to them, can ask them of the Telus representatives starting on December 18th.

The fate of the current CDMA service and a date as to when it will be phased out by CityWest has yet to be announced by the Northwest communications company.

You can review our past items of interest on developments from the municipally owned CityWest from our archive page.


  1. This slow moving train wreck has finally stopped. Hooray!

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