Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Former NWCC President under fire at Manitoba community college

Stephanie Forsythe, the former President of Northwest Community College is finding that the spotlight of higher education seemingly burns brighter in the larger cities.

Ms. Forsythe who took up her duties in 2010 at Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba has been in the news frequently over the last year or so, the main focus of what appears to be growing discontent among some of the faculty and staff at the Manitoba college.

Many of whom it would appear are not accepting the change in direction and culture, that the new President has embarked the college upon.

The latest developments come after the CBC in Winnipeg outlined the nature of a number of high profile departures from Red River college, with the suggestion being that low morale was key to the nature of those choosing to leave the Winnipeg based college.

CBC Manitoba-- Red River College lost 7 senior officials in 3 years

That theme of low morale was explored by the CBC by way of contact with former staff and union members of NWCC.

Those who were contacted by the CBC stated that similar morale issues were of concern at NWCC during Ms. Forsythe's time in the Northwest.

Ms. Forsythe left NWCC in 2010 to take up her duties in Winnipeg,  since that time three vice-president positions at Red River have been filled by candidates from British Columbia, including the migration of Diane Ready to Manitoba,  she had previously worked with Ms. Forsythe during her time at NWCC.

The volume of staffing change (and number of BC imports) has raised a few eyes at the college (along with the severance required for the departing officials) and is something that has clearly caught the attention of the Winnipeg media.

The last time that the President of Red River College faced controversy was back in March when the Canadian Tax Payers Federation raised a number of issues over expenses claimed to Red River college.

Last month she was once again under the watchful eye of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation,  who had issues with expenses related to a pre-wedding event for an associate of the President.

Some of the media review of that particular tempest can be found below.

Winnipeg Sun-- RRC President Stephanie Forsythe expensed pre-wedding event
Winnipeg Free Press-- RRC pays cost of reception
CTV Manitoba-- Taxpayers group says RRC should not have covered costs for party at president's home
Sun News Network-- Manitoba college president accused of expensing pre-wedding event for associate

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