Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Former Haida Gwaii resident named as one of Canada's 11 Rhodes Scholars for 2014

A Rhodes Scholarship, it is one of the highest of educational achievements that there is to receive. Indicative of hard work, a passion for study and a dedication to make society better.

A select club, that each year finds Canadians of high achievement making plans to travel to England's Oxford University,  anxious to take advantage of the opportunity to exchange ideas and seek change for the world.

And this year, a University of Victoria Student and former resident of Haida Gwaii will be making that trip to England.

Recently, Dylan Collins, was named as the British Columbia representative selected for the Rhodes Scholarship.

The student in biochemistry has already offered much to the field of health sciences, having worked with the BC Centre for Disease Control and currently sitting on the Board of AIDS Vancouver Island.

His studies at Oxford will continue to be in the field of public health, where he will continue his passion for improving health equity and harm reduction.

In a profile snapshot in the Globe and Mail, Collins outlined that he his most looking forward to the challenges that Oxford offers and how his time there may assist in how he can transform his scholarship towards his goals of social change.

Mr. Dylan's achievement reflects well on the academic program at  the University of Victoria campus. He is the latest of UVic students to receive the honour, following the path of Tara Paterson who last year was named the 2013 Rhodes Scholar for British Columbia.

You can review the biographies of all 11 Canadians heading to England from this review in the Globe and Mail.

Some background on the Rhodes Scholarship and the listing of some of the esteemed Scholars of the past can be bound here.

UVic has added a You Tube presentation of the announcement, highlighting the achivements of Mr. Collins.


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