Monday, December 16, 2013

Pacific Northwest LNG provides update to Council on latest terminal developments

While there are no actual shovels in the ground as of yet, the planning for the Lelu Island LNG shipment terminal is moving forward, with representatives of Petronas, the main backers of the project in town last week to provide an update to Prince Rupert City Council.

Ms. Tessa Gill provided the power point presentation, bringing Council up to speed on where the project stands as far as environmental review, financial developments and the increased community presence that the company has taken in the region.

She provided a thirty minute review that offered a number of items for Council to take in, including technical aspects  on the development, including particulars and challenges of the lengthy trestle system that will be required to take the LNG to waiting ships. She also offered up a sketch of the timeline that the company believes will be required, before the first shipments would leave the Lelu Island Terminal in 2019.

Perhaps of equal importance to local residents and would be employees, was her overview of employment prospects that the project may provide to the community.  Opportunities that will offer employment for residents of the North Coast in both the construction and operational phases of development.

Towards future employment potential and training opportunities, Ms. Gill also provided further background on their recently announced involvement with the Coastal Pathways Educational initiative in the community.

It was a fairly informative overview, even if much of the material has been covered before in other forums and presentations. A useful update that should catch the attention of residents who will be able to seek out further details on the plans once the community office opens its doors in the old Capital Theatre building on Third Avenue. That office is expected to be in operation by the end of this week.

The opportunity for Council to keep up to speed on the latest developments is no doubt a welcome thing, giving councillors the opportunity ask questions and gain a bit better understanding on the scale of development that the LNG industry will be bringing to the region.

With Company representatives in Council last week, the city's councillors had a few observations and concerns regarding the project. The bulk of their attention on Monday regarding the trestle development and questions surrounding  environmental aspects of the Lelu Island terminal.

Those interested in learning more about the Pacific Northwest LNG update can access the presentation from the City's Video archive of the Monday December 9th Council session, Ms. Gill's thirty minutes with council start at the  30 minute mark.

You can also review more on the Pacific Northwest LNG project from their website.

For a larger review of the LNG picture in the Northwest we have more on that theme on our archive page.

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