Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kitsault Energy kick starts quest for Natural Gas Export Licence

One more would be LNG development has moved on to the next stage of their planning rather quickly it would seem, possibly so as to not get left behind in what has been the Great 2013 Northwest LNG Rush.

Reports yesterday have Kitsault Energy applying to the National Energy Board, seeking a licence from federal regulators to export 20 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas per year. Destined to be shipped from a proposed terminal to be developed in the abandoned mining community northeast of Prince Rupert.

The first of the account of the latest move by Kitsault Energy was reported by the Financial Post on Monday.

LNG player Kitsault Energy applies for export permit

Their application however, has not yet been officially listed on the National Energy Board Schedule of current applications.

Kitsault Energy first expanded on the plan to turn the abandoned mining community into an energy hub almost one year ago, with a surprise redirection of the proposed fate for the area, which at one point seemed destined to service the eco-tourism industry.

The lure of LNG development seemingly has put those plans on a shelf, with an eye to the buzz on the gas industry and its future in British Columbia.

Though of late, much of the Kitsault message of developing their proposed terminal has been overshadowed by the recent string of announcement from the major players of the moment.  With such corporations as Petronas, BG Group, Mobil and CNOCC the giant Chinese energy company grabbing the majority of the news cycle with their various proposals for the region.

At the moment, unlike many of the other NEB applications, the Kitsault proposal does not hold any gas reserves and supply arrangements for the proposed plant have yet to be concluded. Those will be two of many key elements to be addressed for the Kitsault proposal to move forward.

More on the Kitsault proposal can be found from their website.

You can review some of the past items on the Kitsault plans (and all other proposed developments) from our archives.

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