Friday, February 5, 2016

Cow Bay Marina ready for its debut

There's been no mention yet on the City of Prince Rupert website, or through the Port of Prince Rupert or Community Futures portals for that matter, but word is out, the Cow Bay Marina is ready to go on display!

An interview with Community Future's John Farrell this morning on CBC's Daybreak North program provided for an audio tour of the new marina, a  much anticipated addition to the waterfront scene and one which should quickly become the centrepiece of the Cow Bay area, providing as it does for a dramatic view of the City from the far reaches of the centre pier deep into the harbour.

Marty Bowles has been selected as the successful candidate from the City's quest for a Marina Manager and during the course of the short update for the CBC he outlined how he sees the waterfront changing with the opening of the new complex.

Making mention of the new word of the year for Civic initiatives of placemaking, Bowles observed as to some of the features of the marina and how the public will be invited to a placemaking workshop  in the near future to discuss what they want to see at the dock.

The Cow Bay Marina concept and how it moves forward, would seem to be the first piece of infrastructure that will a template for those new ambitions for the City when it comes to future development in the area.

The Marina project, which consists of the three partners of the City, the Port and Community Futures has had a long journey from concept to completion. More than a few setbacks came along the way which at times had the project on a back burner from 2012-2015 before getting a jump start in March of last year.

All but a few finishing touches remain
on the new centre piece for the Cow Bay
waterfront area as the Cow Bay
Marina prepares to open to the public
The long range vision of a commercial marina to try and attract itinerant vessels running up and down the North Pacific coast first got it's introduction during the Jack Mussallem years at City Council.

The former Mayor was a long time advocate for the project and frequently tried to move it forward, though as political events would play out, he would in the end leave office before the project would deliver its first piling into the harbour.

With a funding announcement of March of this year, the pace of construction on the project picked up significantly over the last ten months. Providing for a fair amount of activity along the waterfront at the Atlin Terminal through the year as the project took shape.

A few delays in the construction process along the way meant that the city missed the original target of a Grand Opening for 2015. But as Farrell and Bowles noted in their radio review, May is the target for for first call of all ashore who are coming ashore for boating visitors to the city.

Locals won't have to wait that long to take a walk on the lengthy boardwalk pier, as there are hopes to allow residents to check it all out for a first view as soon as this Holiday weekend.

The Marina is looking to become the centre of attention during the busy summer season, adding for a significant increase to the level of marine tourism. And as Mr. Farrell noted in his comments, the prospect of further marina projects are always a possibility, all of which could make Prince Rupert a new destination for the boating community for years to come.

You can learn more of their thoughts on how they see the marina changing the nature of the waterfront and how the project may evolve from this interview on the Daybreak North website.

More items on the Prince Rupert waterfront can be found here.

While a bit of our historical look at the project, can be found below.


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