Thursday, February 25, 2016

Woodside Energy to host Open House on Grassy Point LNG proposal in March

Woodside Energy has plans
for an LNG Terminal
near Lax Kw'alaams
We haven't heard much in recent months when it comes to the proposed LNG development for Grassy Point, with the Australian energy company Woodside keeping their options pretty close to the vest for that area of the North Coast near Lax Kw'alaams.

That however does not mean that they haven't been following up on their plans for the proposed development, with the latest progress on the project set to be provided to the public in March.

Woodside Energy will share more information in a bit over two weeks, having scheduled an Open House for March 10th at the North Coast Convention Centre. Taking place in the Grizzly Room, from 4 until 8 PM, the supper time information session will also offer a Buffet Dinner between 4:30 and 6 PM. 

Residents who attend the Open House will be able to gain more background to the proposed development that would be implemented in two phases, with an initial production capacity calling for shipment capacity of between 6-15 million tonnes of LNG per annum, with the ability to increase overall capacity to to up to 20 million tonnes.

Before they can move forward with their application however, Woodside will require an environmental assessment certificate, the Open House and comment period is part of the process required to apply for that certificate.

Following the Open House, a thirty day period for the submission of comments towards the Draft Application will get underway.

Comments related to the Woodside Application can be directed to the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office website as of March 3rd.

Details related to the Draft Application Information requirements will be posted to that website as of March 3rd, with published copies also available at the following locations on the North Coast.

Prince Rupert Public Library
101 6th Avenue West, Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert City Hall
424 3rd Avenue West, Prince Rupert

Port Edward Municipal Office
770 Pacific Avenue, Port Edward

It's of interest to note that to this point, there is no indication that a copy of the Draft Information requirements will be provided for the community of Lax Kw'alaams, which would be the closest community to the proposed development site.

Cover page of report
(from Woodside Energy website)

The two proposed terminal options for
the Grassy Point site
(from the Woodside Energy website)

When it comes to the project's progress, there hasn't been a lot in the way of updates to the Woodside Grassy Point LNG page  found through the Australian energy company's home page, with the most recent items on the project dating back to September of 2015.

Fact Sheet

Project Description

Public Consultation Consultation Plan

There also has not been much in the way of additional material posted to Government websites that track the flow of information on the major LNG projects in the province.

The listing of documentation provided to the Canadian Environmental Association to this point can be found here.

While background on the project provided to the British Columbia Environmental Office can be examined here.

The Woodside proposal is the fourth of the major proposals for the North Coast still in motion, with the CEAA set to complete its comment period on the Pacific NorthWest LNG proposal on March 11th and then to hand the file over to the Federal environment Minister for further action.

The Aurora LNG proposal for Digby Island and the WCC LNG proposal for Tuck Inlet both are still in various stages of their consultation process.

While the BG Group's, Prince Rupert LNG project was put on  pause in 2014, with little in the way of follow up information provided since that period.

Since that pause of 2014, the BG Group merged with Shell in a 52 billion dollar mega deal.

Grassy Point is not the only North Coast location that Woodside is also involved with, they also have a share of the proposed Kitimat LNG project, partnering with Chevron on that LNG development.

For more items related to the proposed development by Woodside Energy see our archive page here.

For an overview of all of the proposed developments in the Northwest see our project listings page here.

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