Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tourism Prince Rupert preparing to launch new Website

Prince Rupert's online tourism portal to the world is soon to put the finishing touches on a makeover that promises a very different experience from that of the past.

No date has been noted as to when it will go live, but when it relaunches the new Tourism Prince Rupert site will be taking advantage of the latest in technology and social media connections, all designed to better bring the story of Prince Rupert to the world.

The new project is a collaboration between Destination BC, Northern BC Tourism and Tourism Prince Rupert will feature travel stories and imagery of local attractions and services available in the community.

When it comes to those services available on the North Coast, Tourism Prince Rupert is looking for some help from the Business Community of the region.

To make the project as successful as possible, Tourism Prince Rupert will be offering free business listings to all of their stakeholders on the new site. Something which will provide for additional exposure for what is offered in Prince Rupert.

Among some of the features of the new presentation will be direct links from content pages of local businesses, to features on social media channels and a dedicated business directory, all of which is designed to send visitors and potential customers in their direction.

To get involved, interested businesses are asked to submit their information to the administration email address at the visitprincerupert website.

A guideline to what kind of information Tourism Prince Rupert is looking for can be found below:

Business Name

Address - prefer physical address. If you do not have a physical address send us your mailing address for our records but we will not include it on the map feature. When sending please indicate whether or not you have sent a physical address or a mailing address.

Description of your business. Please provide the most relevant information but also feel free to add personal details that better tell your story to visitors.

Local Phone Number 

Toll Free Phone Number 

Fax Number 

Email Address 


Twitter Address 

Facebook Address 

Instagram Address- lnstagram will be a major feature of your listing as we can pull your lnstagram feed directly into your website listing. This means that you will always have up to date, vibrant, changing content, as long as your lnstagram feed is active. If you do not have an lnstagram account we strongly encourage you to set one up. If you need assistance please let us know . 

Trip Advisor Links 

A selection of images to showcase your business - we recommend 5 - 10 so we can select those that best fit the site.

Listings for the new information project will be processed on a first come, first served basis with additional items being added through the year.

Tourism Prince Rupert started compiling the information for the new website design on February 5th

For more information on the project contact Tourism Prince Rupert at admin@visitprincerupert.com

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