Tuesday, February 23, 2016

MP Nathan Cullen calls on Federal Liberals to live up to commitments on First Nations engagement on Site C issue

With the controversy over the Site C development in the Peace River region part of the background of discussion in Monday's Question Period in the House of Commons, Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen called on the Federal Liberal government to live up to its declarations of the past as to the importance of building better relations with First Nations.

Speaking in the House of Commons on Monday, Mr. Cullen the NDP's environment critic, outlined his thoughts on the proposed Site C development and the impact that it is having on First Nations of Northeastern British Columbia.

Noting that there seems to be a difference between campaign promises and government delivery on policy on the issue of consultation.

Mr. Speaker, perhaps the minister's problem is that he does not realize Site C is not in Manitoba, it is in British Columbia. Tragically, first nations have heard this story over and over again. Parties in campaigns promise that next time things will be different, but when it comes to the Site C dam, we realize that it is just more of the same from the current government. 

Even after the review panel found that the mega-dam would have irreversible and negative impacts on the rights of Treaty 8 people, the Minister of Fisheries is still signing permits. Consultations have been inadequate. Letters have been ignored. When is the Liberal government going to actually commit to its sacred policy to respect first nation

You can view Mr. Cullen's Question in the House from the Parliamentary Video Archive it starts at the 14:51 point

As for the progress of the Site C project, while Mr. Cullen was raising the issue in the House of Commons, a job fair in Prince George on Monday was attracting thousands of would be job seekers.

Lineups appeared well before the Noon hour opening for the Job fair and continued around a downtown hotel lasting through the day, with would be applicants waiting hours for a four minute interview.

Thousands Line Up for Site C Job Fair (video)
Site C Job Fair draws hundreds
Site C Job Fair in Prince George
"I just hope he can get a job" - over 1,000 people lineup for Site C job fair (audio)

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