Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lelu Island meets Sakhalin Island as part of LNG review for Friday night

Some of the groups that are among those in opposition to the prospect of LNG development on Lelu Island are bringing in a trio of Russian scientists to share their thoughts on LNG issues this week.

The group plans to provide residents of the North Coast with the view on LNG from Russia's Sakahlin Island, part of an evening of information  set for this Friday.

The two hour presentation at the Lester Centre on Friday night will take place from 7 PM to 9 PM, hosted by the Friends of Wild Salmon, Wild Salmon Centre and the Kaien Island Elders.

The evening will feature the observations of Viktor Afanasev, Alexander Vedenev and Aleksandr Shubin, the three Russian scientists will focus on the theme of LNG development and the impact that it has had on the Sakhalin Islands of Eastern Russia on the Pacific Coast.

Also attending the evening session with the three Russian scientists, will be Dmitry Lisitsyn, the Director of Sakahlin Environment Watch, he lives in the Sakhalin Island region and is listed by the organizers as a noted conservationist who, like the three scientists, has studied the LNG issue extensively in that area of Russia.

The apparent theme of the evening will be to provide parallels between the introduction of the LNG industry in eastern Russia and what the North Coast might learn the Russian's experience, with a particular focus as to how some of the same impacts from Russia, could be found when it comes to the North Pacific fishery.

Admission for Friday evening's presentation is free.

Following the Prince Rupert event, the group moves on into the Bulkley Valley area of the Northwest, with another presentation set for the Old Church in Smithers on February 15th.

More on the Northwest tour can be found from the Friends of Wild Salmon Facebook page.

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