Friday, February 19, 2016

SD52 Thought Exchange looks to assist in implementation of new curriculum

SD52 features a look at some past
comments related to education on
the North Coast, through an information
link posted to their website

An interesting project recently wrapped up at School District 52, as the District continues forward with its community engagement process, once again soliciting the thoughts of the community on a range of topics related to local schools.

The most recent aspect of that consultation was called a Thought Exchange and it came to an end on February 12th, having posed a number of questions for participants to offer replies and comments towards.

In its report from the February 9th School Board meeting, the School District outlined how it is looking to make use of the information as it moves forward with the implementation of the new Provincial curriculum and how they can better meet the needs of all students.

The Thought exchange process has been used in the past to gain a better understanding of how parents and students view the education experience on the North Coast.

The most recent data that was compiled for the 2015-16 District Plan and Budget Process is available on the SD52 website with an overview of the project available here, while the break down on comments related to each individual school can be found here.

Those with an interest in education on  the North Coast will find some interesting results from the past work, with those that have participated in those sessions providing feedback on what they appreciate about the local education system and what concerns that they may have on local issues.

The School District is currently engaged in its annual budget process discussions, with a potential cut of 1 million dollars to be examined as part of that review.

To address the discussion on those cuts, the School District has been hosting a six question survey on Budget issues, looking for the feedback from the community on a range of topics, that engagement process comes to an end today.

Making use of the notes from that Budget survey, as well as through the Thought exchange process as well, should help provide some guidance to the District as to what parents and students can offer the as the Board of Education considers where those cuts may have to come from.

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