Friday, February 5, 2016

Re Design Rupert Archive 2016

An archive of items of note related to the Re Design Rupert project and other sustainable city initiatives in Prince Rupert.



December 13 -- Community Development Institute outlines findings from Rupert Recharge engagement  NCR


November 21 -- CDI Housing Study highlights trends for Prince Rupert housing stock, population and pace of development  NCR
November 21 -- Four days of consultation on civic land use start today in Prince Rupert  NCR
November 4 -- City sets dates for November Planning sessions  NCR


October 27 -- Ecotrust Canada presentation highlights community engagement on the North Coast  NCR
October 27 -- Mayor Brain hails success of Redesign Rupert Recharge event over the weekend NCR
October 20 -- Pancakes, Door Prizes and a look to the future for Redesign Rupert Recharge  NCR
October 13 -- Update highlights work of Community Development Institute and future plans  NCR
October 12 -- City Outlines latest consultation plans for a range of planning initiatives NCR
October 11 -- Redesign Prince Rupert presentation ahead for Council tonight  NCR
October 5 -- Hays 2.0 and Airport access the focus for City in Finance committee presentation  NCR
October 4 -- Fourteen delegations make presentations to Provincial Finance Committee in Prince Rupert  NCR


September 30 -- Prince Rupert Mayor to join BC Mayor's Climate Control Council  NCR
September 26 -- Prince Rupert Airport renovations included financial top up from Legacy Fund  NCR


June 9 -- Redesign Rupert Update charts progress of initiative to this point  NCR
June 8 -- Redesign Rupert at Seafest NCR
June 6 -- Lights, Camera, Shawatlans ... City provides video tutorial on water supply rebuild  NCR


May 25 -- ReDesign Rupert mapping project continues at PRMS tonight  NCR
May 12 -- ReDesign Rupert to host community mapping session Friday NCR


April 7 -- City updates Major Project Notes through full page ad in local paper  NCR
April 6 -- Re Design Rupert hosting Live Stream of Prince George Speaker series Thursday  NCR


February 18 -- Redesigning the city's legacy
February 5 -- ReDesign Rupert launched with much more engagement to come  NCR
February 4 -- ReDesign Prince Rupert Open House (video)
February 2 -- Re:Design Rupert to get preview this Thursday  NCR


January 28 -- Mayor Brain's Sustainable City Select Committee gets approval, but not without siprited discussion on its purpose  NCR
January 20 -- Not just another industry town
January 14 -- Placemaking a huge hit in Rupert, video and story
January 13 -- Mayor Hails success of Placemaking conference and points to a new 2030 Sustainaable City Vision  NCR
January 5 -- 'Plackemaking' to retrofit McKay Street Park


December 8 -- Transition Prince Rupert to host grass roots involvement conference in January  NCR

November 27 -- Hays 2.0 gets splashy launch on City website  NCR
August 20 -- Re:Think, Re:Build, Re:Design ... new mantras for a new Prince Rupert?  NCR

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