Friday, February 12, 2016

MLA Rice dissects Liberals Speech From the Throne talking points

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice's
first comments for the new session
offered a review of the Liberal's
Speech from the Throne

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice had her chance Thursday to weigh in on the Liberal Government's Speech from the Throne of earlier this week, using the morning session of the Legislature to take issue with a number of the themes presented during the course of the Liberal's agenda setting document.

On the theme of LNG, Ms. Rice noted the shifting time lines and global conditions that the Speech made mention of, with the Liberals outlining that these new conditions are posing challenges to LNG blue print, suggesting that the lowering of expectations was part of the Liberal Government's ongoing moves to change the channel.

Rice added that the new focus on developing an industry to maintain the current level of natural gas jobs was a colossal failure, suggesting that there is no new prosperity to be found from the government's current LNG plans.

The issues of Lelu Island also found their way into MLA Rice's overview, calling the Legislature's attention to the recent Salmon Nation Summit held in Prince Rupert which resulted in the signing of the Lelu Island declaration,  noting that the Premier had dismissed that gathering as rag tag group.

Ms. Rice accused the Premier of resorting to name calling, something that Rice suggested was reminiscent of a Harper era strategy and an approach which shows dis-respect to those leaders that participated in the summit.

Adding to her overview, the MLA offered up that the path to reconciliation and advancement of LNG projects does not start by labelling a group of hereditary chiefs, matriarchs and other concerned citizens as ragtag,  suggesting that the Premier should be seeking a way to bring people together and seek compromise.

Ms Rice also spoke to the issues related to Murdered and Missing women and the failure of the provincial government to address the need for safe and accessible transportation to the Highway 16 corridor.

Prince Rupert's recent job losses at the Canadian Fish Cannery also received a prominent spot in her response to the Throne Speech, with the MLA noting that the provincial government has remained silent, as Canfisco prepares to close the last remaining major cannery on the coast. Stating that the province is allowing profit over people, noting that the job losses from the cannery shutdown could number as high as 600 workers on the North Coast.

Wrapping up her debut for 2016 in the Legislature, MLA Rice returned to the Premier's comments directing the Legislatures attention to what Premier Clark called the forces of No on the North Coast.

Ms. Rice called the Premier's approach to the region one of blatant contempt towards the very people that she purports to represent, adding that her approach is a major step backward when it comes to building relationships for development of the LNG industry or any industry.

You can review the full transcript of her comments to the Legislature from the Hansard archive of Thursday monring, her comments began at the 11:00 mark.

You can also view her presentation to the Legislature from the Chamber Video found under Thursday morning's listings.

For more items related to developments at the British Columbia Legislature, see our archive page here.

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