Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Earth Hour results for Northwest a mystery

For those residents of the Northwest that powered down for an hour on Saturday, there will apparently be no gold stars or special acknowledgements.

On Sunday, BC Hydro released the results of the Earth Hour statistics from the province, covering most regions of British Columbia, with only the Northwest left off the listings of the environmentally minded it would seem.

Meaning either the participation rate for the Northwest was so poor that the region didn't register any savings, or someone at BC Hydro might need a map that reaches beyond Prince George.

From the statistics available the most environmentally aware community on Saturday night was Whistler, which topped the rankings with 6 per cent savings over the 8:30 to 9:30 PM hour.

The community of those listed with the least amount of energy savings was Abbotsford with 0.1 percent savings on the hour.

In total British Columbians saved 65 megawatt hour of electricity and reduced the provincial electricity load by one percent during the 60 minutes of Earth hour.  Which  B. C. Hydro advises is the equivalent of about 1.4 million lights.

You can review the full account of British Columbia's Earth Hour participation from the BC Hydro website.

For those residents of the North Coast who did participate in the one hour power down individual savings can be viewed through the online account system known as MyHydro.

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