Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ferry Advisory Committee outlines "three realities" for Province regarding BC Ferry service

With BC Ferry fare hikes going into effect today and schedule cuts coming on the 28th of April, the Ferry Advisory Committee chairs have outlined their ongoing concern over the impact of government decisions on the coastal ferry system.

In reaction to this months season of change, the Committee Chairs delivered their major concerns over the latest developments with a press release timed to the rise in fare rates today.

Providing for a number of observations, as to how the latest fare hikes will just prolong ferry problems up and down the coast.

The Committee Chairs Issued a call on the Province to back away from more user pay and consider what they call the three realities.

Among them:

BC's coastal region and the ferry system are intertwined and depend on each other for survival.

It costs money to operate and maintain assets of one of the largest ferry systems in the world.

All of BC benefits from affordable ferry service. Policies that substantially change the service need to be supported by some analysis of costs, benefits and economic and social impacts.

You can review their entire review of the Government's Ferry plans  from the Ferry Advisory Committee Chairs website.

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