Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Airplane Mechanical issues put Emergency services on standby at Terrace airport

In the end, the events of Monday afternoon in Terrace turned into nothing more than a real time emergency response exercise.

As airport officials and Terrace Emergency Services all awaited the return of a scheduled Hawkair flight.

The Monday afternoon flight left Terrace at 1:30 but shortly after departing the city, the Hawkair Flight crew encountered mechanical issues and made the decision to return to the Terrace airport.

That return prompting the Terrace RCMP, Terrace and Thornhill Fire Departments and BC Ambulance to stage at the Terrace airport as a precaution.

The incident however did not require any attention from those emergency services, the flight with sixteen passengers and three crew members aboard landing without incident.

The Aircraft was then inspected and the issue identified before the plane was returned to service.

You can review more of the Monday incident from this release from the Terrace RCMP

Updates: From the media files on the incident

CFTK-- Hawkair Boss praises flight crew for handling potential emergency at Terrace
Terrace Standard-- Airplane with mechanical issues lands safely

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