Friday, April 4, 2014

Highway of Tears theme explored in new novel

An American woman, who first became aware of the Highway of Tears story by way of American Public Radio, has taken her interest and research into the topic and turned it into a novel.

Adrian Harun, who lives in Port Townsend, Washington has just seen A Man Came Out of A Door in the Mountain, described as a structured novel that is set along the many towns that make out the Highway of Tears route.

The work of literary fiction, employs a story within a story concept as she explores the many unsolved murders of aboriginal woman that travelled the isolated stretches of the Highway.

An American weekly publication, the Inlander has provided this fairly extensive examination of the book on its website.

Reviewing the themes, style of writing and message of concern that Harun has tried to weave as part of her work. Which while not specifically about the Highway of Tears case files, uses the impressions of those disappearances and murders as the environment that her story is set in.

Her work arrives at an interesting time, with recent efforts to once again warn women of the dangers of hitchhiking along Highway 16.

Published by Penguins books, Harun's work has been reviewed by a number of American publications, such as the Denver Post, Baltimore Sun and Oprah Magazine to name a few.

Canadian Reviews include those from the Vancouver Sun,  National Post and Globe and Mail.

A Man Came Out of A Door in the Mountain is available from with a short 12 page review available on the website.

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