Monday, April 7, 2014

Safeway - Sobeys switchover starting to speed up

The much anticipated switch over from Canada Safeway to Sobeys seems to be starting to speed up, with some first signs of the pending changeover to the local shopping circuit beginning to take shape in Prince Rupert.

This weekend's shopping experience offered up some hints that the switch is getting closer, as the local Safeway staff begin to shift into a Sobeys corporate mind, changing things over the ways of Safeway of the past.

Those with sharp eyes may have noted, the weekend shopping Flyer has taken on a slightly different look from past Safeway versions.  Holding to some of the elements of the old, but also looking familiar in parts to those that know the Sobeys brand.

For the moment, the Safeway signage and some of the old product lines will remain in place, however there will be some differences to be found as the Sobeys marketing plan begins to take shape in British Columbia.

Gone is your Safeway Club card, now destined to be a memento from shopping days past, one less card to look for when you go to pay for your groceries, no longer required to access sale prices when you shop.

To be replaced at some point down the line we imagine by the introduction of the Club Sobeys card and all that it will have to offer.

To get you familiar with what Sobeys will one day be offering Prince Rupert shoppers, here's a quick look at their website to tide you over until the full transition is complete.

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