Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Minor, early morning temblor for Port Alberni

Considering it's the 50th anniversary period of the Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964, any temblor along the coast of British Columbia probably will get a notice. None more so we imagine than in Port Alberni which bore a major share of the British Columbia damage in 1964.

For residents of central Vancouver Island a reminder of the seismic nature of their community was provided today, with the recording of a 2.6 magnitude temblor at 4 AM today.

While most probably didn't even notice the event, the shifting of the plates is always something that catches interest, if only for the historical significance of that community and the destruction that quakes and tsunamis can provide.

Today's temblor was located 14km WSW of the community at a depth of 77 km, no damage resulted from the minor event of the day.

It is the latest recorded event of the last few weeks for the region, with most previous events in the 4.5 range

For more on seismic events along the Pacific coast see our archive page, which features a section that recounts the events of fifty years ago

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