Monday, February 1, 2016

SD52 Kindergarten Registration for 2016-17 now underway

Parents and Guardians of kindergarten age children have until February 12 to register for this fall's Kindergarten program through School District 52.

Registration takes place from February 1 to 12 from 9 AM to Noon and 1 to 3 PM at all elementary schools in the city,  for those in Port Edward their registration takes place from 9 AM to 11:30 AM only.

To be eligible for the 2016-17 Kindergarten year, children must be five years of age or older on, or before December 31, 2016. When registering for a kindergarten program, parents/guardians will require the following list of information:

Child's Birth Certificate (or other proof of age such as a Permanent Residence card, provincial ID card or passport)

BC Care Card

Immunization record

Proof of address

Parents have the option of deferring their child's entry to school based on readiness for one year, they are asked to contact their neighbourhood school for a consultation on any concerns related to readiness for Kindergarten.

Students who are not registered during the two week registration period are not guaranteed placement at their neighbourhood school. 

The French Immersion program registration will take place at Ecole Roosevelt School, starting February 1st and running until February 12th as well, with hours of registration from 9 AM to Noon and 1 to 3 PM.

There is no requirement for the family to speak French at home and for the most part French Immersion students typically do not speak French themselves.

Children entering Kindergarten or Grade 1 may register for the French Immersion program.

Roosevelt is a dual track school, which offers both the French Immersion program as well as the regular K-5 program from SD52.

For parents thinking of a change in their schools for their children, any requests for September 2016 must be submitted this month, however children must be registered in their catchment area first, before consideration for transfer can take place.

Cross boundary transfer forms are available at all schools in the District and should be submitted to the school in their catchment area.

Any requests received after February 29th will not be considered by the School District until September of 2016. 

Catchment areas for SD52

You can review the various catchment areas in the city from the SD52 website

Further background on the Kindergarten Registration process can be found here, if you have any questions you should contact the school in your catchment area for more information.

You can find more items related to education on the North Coast from our archive page here.

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