Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A trip back in time through You Tube: the CN Prince Rupert 1940's

The Coastal vessel CN Prince Rupert
from the West Coast Ferries Forum website
An interesting video has popped up on the You Tube portal this week, a compilation of video from what is described as the 1940's highlighting the travels on the old CN ships that once ran the coast of British Columbia.

The Video from Dancing Kids Productions features a look at the CN Prince Rupert as it made its travels from southern British Columbia to the North, arriving it seems during what appears to be a fire on the city's waterfront.

Though we'll never know for sure what was ablaze, as the video stops short of the actual fire scene. A mystery for amateur detectives perhaps to try and solve for us.

The five minute presentation provides a small but fascinating glimpse into some of the activities aboard the coastal ships of the day, for those younger than oh say, 90 or so, that game they're playing on the deck is called shuffleboard.

Dancing Kids Productions makes use of old family films on 16mm to record some of the scenes and atmosphere of the province from the 1930's to 1950's, a pretty neat project all in all, you can learn more about and view more videos here.


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