Thursday, April 2, 2015

British Columbia Lottery Corporation celebrates 30 years

Yesterday was the anniversary of the British Columbia Lottery Corporations 30th year of operation.

Three decades of lottery and gaming centre oversight, with British Columbians taking to the variety of options available across the province in high volumes over those thirty years.

The Lottery Corporation was created on April 1st 1985, as a lottery only business with two weekly games for residents to play. Its mandate at that time to create extra funding for Expo 86.

From that start, the corporation has grown significantly carving out a large presence in the province and providing for a financial return to the province long after Expo 86 closed its gates.

Today the BCLC operates 17 casinos, 18 community gaming centres, seven commercial bingo halls and close to 3,800 retail lottery locations.
Chances Gaming Centre Prince Rupert
one of 18 in British Columbia

In 2013-14, the Lottery Corporation delivered 1.17 billion dollars to the Province, with host local governments receiving a 10 per cent share of gaming facilities in their community.

Revenue from gaming in the province is also a key source of funding for many community groups across the province.

As part of their celebration of thirty years on the British Columbia scene, the Lottery Corporation is making note of those contributions from gambling revenues that flow back into local communities.

In January the BCLC published the most recent list of those grants to local groups and school PAC's that were distributed from April 1 2014-December 31 2014.

From those figures 349,955 dollars found their way back to Prince Rupert and Port Edward.

The highest contribution was 100,000 dollars that went the Prince Rupert Marine Rescue Society, while, the Port Edward School PAC was at the other end of the payment scale at 640 dollars.

The breakdown on all of the distribution as of January was as follows:

 46,480 dollars destined for local School Parent Action Committees

Annunciation PAC -- $2,500
CHSS PAC --  $13,840
Conrad PAC -- $3,740
SD 52 District PAC  -- $2,500
Lax Keen PAC --  $3,400
Pacific Coast PAC --  $1,760
Pineridge PAC  -- $3,760
Prince Rupert Middle School $9,060
Port Edward PAC --  $640
Roosevelt School -- $5,280

90,725 dollars for local sports organizations 

Prince Rupert Swim Club -- $24,250
Prince Rupert Curling Club -- $9,200
Prince Rupert Youth Soccer  -- $20,000
Prince Rupert Minor Hockey -- $37,725

The remaining 212,750 dollars allocated for local groups and organizations.

Association of Francophones Northwest -- $15,000
Harbour Theatre -- $13,750
J.P. A. Jazz Productions -- $17,000
Northern BC Museum Association -- $56,000
Prince Rupert Marine Rescue Society -- $100,000
Royal Purple -- $11,000

You can review the full list of gambling revenue allocations for Prince Rupert and Port Edward from the BCLC chart below, the numbers come from the annual report for 2014-15 that was issued on January 5th of this year.

BCLC Gaming revenue distribution in Port Edward
BCLC Gaming revenue distribution in Prince Rupert
(click on image above to expand)
Some background on the first thirty years of the BCLC can be found from this item from the BC Government website.

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