Sunday, April 12, 2015

Blog Watching for week ending April 12, 2015

Budget discussions, a major deal in the world of LNG and interest in the future for a park on the west side of the city, all provided for a fair amount of material for our blog readership over the last seven days.

As the week moved on, LNG related items became a hot topic for the seven days. First through our item related to the Mayor's recent appearance on the CBC's province wide radio program Early Edition, where Mayor Lee Brain provided an outline of his LNG GO plan for host Rick Cluff.

LNG would also make news later ivy midweek as well, with word of a mega-merger between two of the major players in the LNG industry, with Shell looking to close a deal to purchase the BG Group.

The City's budget plans for 2015 also attracted a fair amount of interest, with blog readers exploring our look at Council's plan to add another thirty eight dollars to the tax bill this year.

As well readers showed a large amount of interest in Councillor Blair Mirau's initiative to find new ways to generate revenue for the city.

Also finding a large volume of readers through the week, our look of Monday at a recent community session designed to explore potential uses of the park at the corner of McKay and Kootenay on the city's west side.

Leading off the review for the last seven days, the Mayor's vision for his LNG GO plan and what he believes it will provide for the city.

Mayor Brain outlines his LNG GO plan to province wide radio audience --  While there hasn't been any official launch or explanation of the program through a public council session yet, the Mayor has been making the media rounds to offer up an outline of the LNG GO plan that he would like to see in place soon. This week the Mayor was on the CBC program Early Edition to share his plan. (posted April 7, 2015)

That item was followed by:

Councillor Mirau's motion spurs on discussion on need for new ideas on revenue generation for the city -- Yes, your taxes will be going up this year, but if Councillor Blair Mirau can convince his fellow council members, a new approach to seeking out revenues will be part of the process in the future. (posted April 10, 2015)

Shell purchases BG Group for 70 Billion dollars  -- It has been called a game changing merger and with word this week of Shell's quest to purchase the BG Group, the landscape of North Coast LNG development could change significantly  (posted  April 8, 2015)

Transition Prince Rupert opens the discussion on the McKay Street Open Space   -- A local group holds their first organizational meeting to look at ways to bring an all but abandoned baseball park on the west side of the city back into community use (posted April 6, 2015)

Council takes first step towards adoption of 2015 budget  -- The process is in motion to deliver a 2 per cent increase to the tax rate for this year, we review the Tuesday meeting that discussed that issue and look at some items that perhaps the City could have shared a bit of background on with city residents.   (posted April 10, 2015 )

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