Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Homecoming Committee has concerns over rent of Civic Centre for May event

City Council will receive a request for some time tonight from the organizers of this years Prince Rupert Homecoming.

As the local organizing committee looks to provide an update and address a concern with the City when it comes to use of civic facilities for this years Event.

The Prince Rupert Homecoming is the four day event that will be bringing former Rupertites back to the city from May 14-18, with a wide range of activities planned for those that make their way back home.

Tonight, Barb Gruber and Sandra Greer will provide a presentation to Council where they will express some concerns with the quoted rental cost of 8,500 dollars for use of the Civic Centre for that period of time.

That is a cost that has escalated beyond what the organizers had anticipated and this evening the Homecoming Committee will be seeking a reduction from Council, when it comes to the rent for use of the civic facility.

The Homecoming Committee outlined their concerns and request for consideration in a letter to the City at the end of March, it's available on the city council agenda for this evening.

As for the Homecoming preparations, you can follow the countdown towards May 14th from the Prince Rupert Homecoming Facebook page.

More information and access to the Events schedule and Registration form can be found here.

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