Thursday, April 2, 2015

CN celebrates planned Fairview Terminal expansion with new video presentation

CN Rail isn't wasting anytime in spreading the word when it comes to the expansion of the Fairview Terminal, as the national rail system debuts a new industrial video that highlights the gateway to the world that Prince Rupert provides.

The video presentation provides for a range of statistical review about the success of the Port of Prince Rupert, include in that overview the timeline of delivery that brings products to mid American markets 2 days faster than any other port.

It also highlights the improvements to the Northern CN rail line, with the Kaien siding project providing for three trains to arrive and depart per day, a process that allow for the shortest dwell time on the coast of an average of only 44 hours.

As well, CN outlines the increased capacity of its four inland terminals of Saskatoon, Toronto, Chicago and Memphis as key to their supply chain ambitions.

The main focus though is on the recently announced expansion of Fairview and the installation of four more Super Post Panamax cranes for Maher Terminals.

That project once completed,  will increase throughout put to 1,350,000 TEU's by 2017.

As well, CN showcased the planned expansion of the track in the Prince Rupert area to accommodate that anticipated growth of the Terminal operations.

CN makes much of this Prince Rupert Advantage through the three minute video, making note that transit from Asia to Chicago through the Prince Rupert gateway offers service that takes only sixteen days from start to finish.

You can view CN's tribute to Prince Rupert here

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