Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nathan Cullen joins Prince Rupert Council's quest for tax fairness

Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP
Nathan Cullen addressed Port Tax
fairness today in Ottawa
The City of Prince Rupert can mark the MP for Skeena-Bulkley Valley as on their side when it comes to their quest for tax fairness for local residents.

In a letter today, Nathan Cullen called on Diane Finley, the Federal Minister of Public Works to review how federal Ports pay taxes in Canada.

Highlighting the struggles for the City of Prince Rupert and local business owners as part of his correspondence to the Minister.

“The present arrangement has had the inadvertent result of taxing small businesses in the City of Prince Rupert at a significantly higher tax rate than major industry on port land,”  ... These family-run businesses are effectively subsidizing the Port, while struggling to make their own bottom line and paying a much higher tax rate. In the interest of fairness, I urge your department to review the current framework to ensure taxation is evenhanded, and to ensure that small businesses are able to thrive in towns where a port authority has been designated.” -- MP Nathan Cullen outlining his concerns over tax fairness on Federal port lands.

Included in his letter to the minister, was a call for tax fairness urging the Minister and her department to review the current framework and to ensure that small businesses are able to thrive in areas where a Port Authority has been designated.

You can review his full correspondence with the Minister by clicking on the letter below:

 The topic of tax fairness has been a frequent refrain from Prince Rupert City Council in recent months, with Council pointing to the impact that the taxation caps on Federal lands is having when it comes to financial planning for the community.

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