Thursday, April 16, 2015

Despite concerns from School District 52, Prince Rupert Council moves Quickload Terminals rezoning forward

On Monday Council moved forward
the process for zoning changes
required for the old
Canadian Freightways yard
The prospect of Quickload Terminals setting up shop in the old Canadian Freightways yard off of Frederick Street moved a step closer on Monday evening as City Council, after hearing a number of presentations in a Public hearing, voted to move ahead with rezoning of the property to allow for Quickload's operations.

The process of that approval started with the Public Hearing, a thirty minute session where those in favour of the project, including the proponents and those in opposition to the rezoning had a chance to speak on the issue.

On the against side was School District 52, with Cameron McIntyre representing the delegation at the table, outlining a number of concerns that the School District has with an expanded industrial zoning designation for the site in question.

The bulk of their concern related to the impact that increased industrial activity on the property might Kanata school property, a process that the School District hopes to see come to a successful conclusion soon.
impact their attempts to sell the old

A delegation from SD52
outlined their concerns related to
a proposed zoning change for the old
Canadian freight ways yard
Mr. McIntyre laid out the objections of the Board of Education, as the first speaker of the public hearing, his observations related to the impact of the zoning change found a bit of a challenge from Councillor Joy Thorkelson.

She pointed out that if the City were to hold back on its approval of the zoning change it would be reducing its opportunity to receive revenue from the site, while the School District worked to come to a decision on some undeveloped land.

Adding that in effect, if the city were to do that, the School District would it seems be asking the City not to draw any revenue from the industrial property in question.

"Are you asking us to sit on our property so that as your property increases in value, that we are not going to draw value from our property"  -- one of a number of observations from Councillor Thorkelson related to objections from the School District regarding zoning changes being considered for the Canadian Freightways yard. 

Also speaking at the Public hearing were the proponents of the shift of Quickload to the Canadian Freightways site, with the group of four in attendance highlighting how Quickload wanted to remain in the Prince Rupert area, providing revenue for the city and offering employment for the city's residents.

They also noted that there is not much in the way of industrial land within the city limits to choose from, noting that the Canadian Freightways site is one that they believe is the one that best meets their needs.

It was also noted that on adjoining property was already zoned at the M2 level, so the impact most likely would not be much different than what currently is in place, the proponents also advised that they would abide by any City of Prince Rupert Noise bylaws and would address any issues with neighbours as they came along.

When Council turned to the actual mechanics of the Bylaw, they received a report from the City Planner who provided a short overview of the process, noting that the City was still awaiting some feedback from the province, so approval of a development permit would have to be deferred until that information was received.

In the end, Council did not appear to find merit in the concerns of the School District and voted to approve third reading for the zoning application.  With further movement on the issue to come when they are to look at the Development permit phase.

You can review the Public Hearing related to the proposed zoning change from the City's Video Archive it starts at the very beginning of the evening, the Council discussion and vote on the zoning issue can be found later in the evening at the one hour

A full overview of both the public hearing and council review can be found on our City Council Timeline feature.

The appearance from the School District officials marks the second time in recent months where the Board of Education has found itself speaking against a proposed zoning change by the city.

The School District most recently appeared in late 2014, expressing concerns related to a proposed work camp housing project on Wantage Road, at the site of the city's old dump lands.

For more items related to City Council discussions see our archive page.

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