Friday, April 3, 2015

City of Prince Rupert looking for members for Recreation Commission

Another community position has become available for volunteers, as the City of Prince Rupert looks to receive applications from those interested in serving on the City's Recreation Commission.

The Commission which was created last year, examines and reports to Council regarding ways to increase participation at local recreation facilities in the city, as well as to represent local residents who make use of those facilities that are run by the city.

Members of the public interested in helping to share the future of the Recreation Department are being asked to submit their letter of inters no later than Wednesday, April 15 at 4 PM.

As part of the application process, interested applicants are required to include a written description of the skills and relevant experience that they would bring to the position on the Recreation Commission.

Those that may be interested in the position, but require more information as to what the duties are and other items of note related to the Commission's work can contact Rory Mandryk, the City's Corporate Administrator at City Hall.

Or through email at

A bit of background on the Recreation Department can be found here.

Some of their work and other issues related to the Recreation Department of the last year can be reviewed below:

December 2014 -- Council set to approve increases of ten percent on Recreation Fees for 2015
October 2014 -- City of Prince Rupert on the search for a Recreation Coordinator
September 2014 -- The City introduces a new Recreation Director for Prince Rupert
June 2014 -- Recreation Commission tapped to make decision on Skateboard stencil Art project
June 2014 -- The Recreation consultant seeks a Recreation Director
April 2014 -- Council gives Recreation Manager and new Commission time to examine Rec Centre issues
March 2014 -- City Manager delivers update on Recreation Department for Council
March 2014 -- City seeks volunteers for its Recreation Commission
January 2014 -- Prince Rupert City Council brings in recreation specialist to increase participation
January 2014 -- Prince Rupert City Council sets in motion plans to create a Recreation Commission

For more items related to City Hall developments see our archive page here.

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