Monday, April 13, 2015

Council to receive presentation on Mountain View Executive Suites project

The 2G Group hopes to redevelop the Bethel Baptist
Church into housing units.
Council will receive an update on a proposed housing development for the east side of the city this evening, as Mr. Geoff Greenwell the CEO of the 2G Group of Companies appears at tonight's city council session.

He will review his plans for development of the property that currently hosts the Bethel Baptist Church on India Avenue, his project would see the building re-purposed into upscale housing for potential industrial development workers, with a long term eye towards use for Senior Citizens in the future.

The redevelopment plan would see the building converted into a 17 suite communal living facility, with a projected budget of 1.5 million dollars.  

According to information provided to Council, the anticipated rent levels would be between 1800 to 2500 in order to justify the investment.

The project which is identified as Mountain View Executive Suites, or Mountain View Retirement Home recently hosted a public information session for area residents

You can review some of his notes from the Agenda package for tonight's session, his item can be found on page 11.

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