Monday, April 27, 2015

Community Group to outline concerns over CBC programming for Council tonight

The topic of Public Broadcasting on the North Coast will get a review this evening at Prince Rupert City Council, as a local group makes plans to provide a presentation to Council.

The Northwest B. C. Citizens for CFPR have asked for an opportunity to outline their concerns as part of tonight's Committee of the Whole Session, where the group represented by Kathleen Palm will offer up some of goals and projects related to their oversight of public broadcasting in the region.

At tonight's session they will make their case for the restoration and maintenance of the CBC CFPR broadcasts in the area, with a particular concern related to news, programming and the delivery of emergency information.

You can review some of their talking points from the Committee of the Whole agenda from page two here.

It's not the first time that local residents have outlined their concerns over the state of the public broadcaster's efforts in the region.

In what seems like an almost annual event now, those dedicated CBC listeners in the region are making use of Prince Rupert city Council to share their message.

Last year, they appeared at council to express many of the same concerns, finding come common ground with many of the council members.  In addition to the local politicians, NDP MP Nathan Cullen also has been a frequent critic of the CBC's approach to news in the regions.

More on communications on the North Coast can be found here.

Some of the background on their thoughts at that time and other issues related to CBC programming can be found below:

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