Thursday, April 9, 2015

Prince Rupert Port Authority seeks a new Captain for the Charles Hays

The Prince Rupert Port Authority
Patrol Vessel Charles Hays
(photo from PRPA info Guide)
The notice to would be mariners has gone out, the Prince Rupert Port Authority is looking for a new master for the Port's Harbour Patrol Boat.

Among the duties when you push off from the dock, patrol of waters under the PRPA jurisdiction, enforcing regulations, policies and procedures as outlined by the Canada Maine Act.

The Charles Hays and other vessels from the Port travel through local waters to ensure that traffic lanes are clear of flotsam and jetsam and to provide for safe navigation in the waters under PRPA jurisdiction.

The Captain also will oversee the Maintenance of the Charles Hays and other fleet vessels for operations.

As well, the Boat Master will support the Port's activities related to harbour or at sea access.

Applicants for the position will require at High School Diploma or equivalent and a valid Transport Canada 60 Ton Master Limited Ticket or higher.

There is also a requirement of a minimum of five years of experience at sea in the position of First Mate, Deckhand or Master in vessels up to 60 tons or higher.

The deadline for applications is April 15th.

More background on the position and the full requirements for applicants can be found here.

To learn more about Port operations you can review the most recent Port Information Guide here, it provides a valuable overview of much of what the Port is all about and would offer up a good primer for those looking for employment with the Port.

For more items related to Port developments see our archive page here.

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