Monday, April 13, 2015

Council to hear of $200,000 improvement to Rushbrook Floats, as well as other Rushbrook issues tonight

Rushbrook Floats report to be
delivered to Council tonight
The long simmering issue of Rushbrook Floats parking and the condition of the boat launch itself will get another look over tonight, as Prince Rupert City Council receives a report from staff on the topic.

Council requested the report following the review of a number of concerns related to parking issues at lots around the city, with the subject of the fees charged at Rushbrook of much concern to a number of city residents.

At the March 23rd session of Council, the city's elected officials received a presentation from Mr. Wes Baker, who speaking on behalf of a number of Rushbrook Floats users outlined a range of concerns that they had with the condition of the area and the fees that they are charged.

Tonight Council will consider the report from City Staff which outlines the history of the Rusbhrook Improvement Area as well as the improvement plan for 2015.

Rusbhrook Floats
(Top Right of Map),
is up for discussion tonight
This year the City has awarded a contract to produce and install precast concrete panels for the ramp and replace the rip rap at the axe.

The cost of the work is estimated to be at around 200,000 dollars, with the full amount covered by the Rusbhrook Improvement Area Fund and not requiring funding from local taxpayers.

The next significant project for the area is the planned replacement of the mooring dock, that dock is nearing the end of its lifespan and the replacement planning will take place in phases subject to available funding.

Council will also receive the opinion of staff that the current set up for the Rushbrook Improvement Area is considered a success by staff, removing the burden from local taxpayers while charging those that use the facility.  With the pay parking considered an important element of the reinvestment plan for the area.

The report will remind council as to the nature of the fee structure in place at Rushbrook and the impact on potential improvements that changes to it may have on time lines for those improvements.

In its report Staff has recommended that Council re-evaluate the fee structure for 2016.

You can review all of the Rusbhrook report from the City's Agenda for tonight, the report can be found from pages 12-14.

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