Thursday, April 30, 2015

Metlakatla moves sewer system project forward

The plan to replace the marine outfall system for Metlakatla  is in full motion, with the Governing Council making application to the Provincial Government for the project.

The work will involve replacement of a 150 mm diameter outfall pipe for treated sewage and the realignment of the pipe route to provide for regulatory distance from shellfish beds, once the new pipe is place, the existing outfall will be abandoned and removed from the marine environment.

The plan calls for a pre-assembled pipeline to be floated into place and then flooded to lower it to the seafloor, secured with concrete weights to hold it in place.

The area in question for the project is located at the southeast corner of Mission Point within Venn Passage.

The work will take place during daylight hours and notices for mariners in the area will be issued through the Prince Rupert Coast Guard office.

Approval from the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations will be required before that work gets underway.

Towards that process, anyone with Comments related to the project has until May 28th to make their submissions related to the Metklatla plan known, you can review that opportunity here.

The full application can be reviewed here

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