Friday, April 10, 2015

CityWest advises that it's Wait and see when it comes to CRTC revisions to cable service

While the CRTC recently delivered its snapshot view of what cable television might look like going into 2016, for one of the Northwest's major cable television providers the details still need to be worked out a bit more, before they can outline for customers how they will meet the new guidelines.

Late last month CityWest provided some background on the new CRTC ruling and how the company plans to move forward with those new parameters.

Though any kind of timeline for deliver of the program has yet to be worked out.

With CityWest noting that as of now, nothing will be changing with their current packaging of cable services to the communities that it serves.

Key to the recent CRTC announcement is the need for some cable distributors to offer new entry basic level service, known as skinny basic, by March of 2016.  

As well by that same time some cable distributors will be required to offer small reasonably priced theme packs or channels on a pick and pay basis.

By December of 2016 some cable distributors will need to offer customers small and reasonable priced theme packs and all channels on a pick or pay basis.

At the moment, CityWest would appear to be waiting for further clarification on the rulings by the CRTC, particularly a definition of what is considered "small" and what is considered "reasonably priced".

The city owned company anticipates the mechanics of the new rulings to be further expanded on in the months to come, advising residents to continue to monitor their website for any changes to the current service delivery process from CityWest.

You can review the full media release here, included in their material is some reference items from the CRTC that pertain to the new direction that the regulatory agency has in mind for cable television in Canada.

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